Young Art Biennial, Comfenalco Antioquia

An Exhibition Showcasing Emerging Artists in Medellín

An⁤ exhibition of 19 emerging artists is currently ​taking place ⁤in five different ‌spaces across the⁤ metropolitan area of Medellín, from Bello to Sabaneta. This event, known as ‍the Young Art Biennial of Comfenalco Antioquia, offers a unique opportunity to explore the works of⁣ talented young artists.

Discover the ⁢Rebel Phenomenon

If you’re interested in understanding and discussing the Rebel phenomenon (RBD), this exhibition provides a platform‍ for‍ engaging conversations‍ and insights.

This exhibition features a total ⁢of 30 captivating artworks and will be open ‌for public viewing until November 13.

A Celebration of Young⁢ Art

The Young Art Biennial (BAJ) originated from an art competition organized‌ by the‍ compensation fund 19 years ago. Since then, it has grown ⁢into a prestigious event that ⁢showcases the talent‍ and creativity of⁤ emerging artists.

Out of the 173 artists who‌ participated in this edition’s call for submissions, 19 were selected⁤ to ⁣exhibit ‍their works. ‌These ⁢30 ‍artworks will be simultaneously⁤ displayed at the following locations:

  1. The Exhibition Hall of the Club Comfenalco La ⁢Playa.
  2. The Comfenalco Castilla Public Library.
  3. The⁣ Belén Library Park.
  4. The Barquereña House of Culture of Sabaneta.
  5. The Bello Chamber of ⁢Commerce.

María⁤ Rosa Machado, the​ head of the Department of Culture at‌ Comfenalco Antioquia, explains, “The diverse ⁤range of artistic proposals⁣ allows us to⁣ experience a captivating exhibition filled with contrasts. It takes us on a journey through⁣ the metropolitan area, ⁤from Bello to Sabaneta,⁤ through the medium of art.”

Inspiration Through Art

Explore the ⁣power of inspiration ⁤through your brand by attending a ⁣thought-provoking​ talk at the exhibition.

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Among the​ showcased artworks, you will find a variety of two-dimensional images created using different techniques, including performance​ paintings, acrylics on canvas, oil on‍ canvas, drawings on⁣ paper, prefabricated concrete blocks pigmented⁢ with iron oxide, embroidery on fabric, photography, videos, interactive ‍multimedia, graphite and‍ watercolor charcoal drawing, sound ​sculpture, ceramics, illustrations, and digital collages.


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  1. “The Young Art Biennial, Comfenalco Antioquia, proves that the next generation of artists is bursting with creativity and talent. This event serves as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their innovative works, ensuring a promising future for the art world.”

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