World champion Delfina Merino offers a clinic and shares a snack with players from the Urú Curé training classes

The Lionesses’ World Champion Conducts Clinic and Engages with “Lechuza” Training Players

Delfina Merino, a world champion and medalist with Las Leonas, recently visited the Urú Curé facilities to provide a clinic for the “owl” players.

The Banco Provincia player also shared a snack with the Rio Cuartenses, where she exchanged experiences before moving to the Aldo Bertorello court. Merino explained that the visit was a spontaneous decision, driven by her close friendship with Sole García, the head coach of Urú. She stated, “Since we are here, we took the opportunity to collaborate.”

Merino also praised the excellent facilities of the blue and gray club. While acknowledging that Argentina lags behind other countries in terms of infrastructure, she emphasized the country’s unique strengths, such as the large number of players and the deep love for the sport within local clubs.

When asked about her absence from the national team, Merino expressed her ongoing disappointment with the way her departure was handled. However, she remains hopeful for a return and continues to work hard to regain consideration. Merino stated, “I had to overcome the impact of what happened, but I am not giving up. I have spoken with coach Fernando Ferrara again, and I am still striving to be back in the team.”

Merino revealed that her decision to play for Banco Provincia was influenced by the requirement to be part of the current Leonas squad. This condition played a significant role in her return to the club.

For more details, please refer to the full audio interview on GOALKICK.

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  1. It’s heartwarming to see a world champion like Delfina Merino taking time out to offer a clinic and bond with players from the Urú Curé training classes. Her act of sharing a snack shows her commitment to nurturing talent and building camaraderie within the sporting community. Inspiring!

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