What’s Happening with Jhon Jader Durán at Aston Villa? A Tale of Inactivity and Frustration.

What’s Happening with Jhon Jader Durán at Aston Villa?

After returning from playing with the Colombian National Team in the Qualifiers, Jhon Jader Durán was expected to make a comeback for Aston Villa. However, his coach, Unai Emery, claimed that Durán was sidelined due to an injury. But now, after recovering and training normally, Durán has been mysteriously absent from the team for four games across all competitions.

Aston Villa’s Loss and Durán’s Absence

In the recent match against Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa suffered a 2-0 defeat. Durán was not called up for the game, leaving his team lacking an attacking boost on a night when Emiliano Martínez’s performance was far from satisfactory. This adds to Durán’s three previous absences, including the 4-1 victory against West Ham and the 3-1 defeat against Luton Town.

His last appearance in the Premier League dates back to September 30, when he came on as a substitute in the 79th minute against Brighton in a 6-1 win at Villa Park. Even in the Europa League, where he had been given opportunities, Durán has failed to make a significant impact. Despite starting three times and scoring against Hibernian and Legia Warsaw, his contributions have not been enough to turn the tide for Aston Villa, who suffered a 1-2 loss against Everton in the EFL Cup.

The Controversy and Erasure

There has been controversy surrounding Durán’s decision to delete all photos with Aston Villa from his social media accounts. This act, seen as a protest against his lack of playing time, has not gone unnoticed. It appears that this action has not been taken lightly, as it may explain why Durán has been completely sidelined since his return from Colombia on October 18.

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Furthermore, Durán’s lack of minutes is not limited to his club team. He has also struggled to secure a starting position in the Colombian National Team during the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers. As the upcoming match against Brazil approaches, a game that every player dreams of participating in, Durán finds himself in a difficult situation with no signs of improvement at Aston Villa. Will there be any mercy? Only Unai Emery holds the answer.


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  1. It’s disheartening to see such a talented player like Jhon Jader Durán facing inactivity and frustration at Aston Villa. Hopefully, the situation changes soon, allowing him to showcase his skills and make a positive impact for the team.

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