What Boca needs to win the Copa Libertadores 2024 after River’s defeat

What Boca Juniors Needs to Qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2024 After River’s Defeat

The victory of Central Rosario against River Plate opened up possibilities for Boca Juniors to secure a spot in the Copa Libertadores 2024. It was the last chance for Boca Juniors to make a move after River Plate’s loss.

Looking ahead to their match against Newell’s this Sunday at La Bombonera, Boca Juniors is relying on the outcome of the team’s performance in the Copa de la Liga to secure their qualification for the Copa Libertadores 2024. However, their chances took a hit as River Plate lost to Rosario Central, making the situation more complicated for Boca Juniors.

The Xeneize currently sits in the general standings with 56 points up for grabs. But now, their last hope lies in defeating Rosario Central, who recently secured three points and surpassed Estudiantes de La Plata by one point. Mariano Herrón’s team needs to win the remaining six points to close the gap with Rosario Central.

Defensa y Justicia and San Lorenzo are also

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  1. “Despite River’s defeat, Boca must focus on strengthening their defense, improving team cohesion, and nurturing young talents to secure victory in the Copa Libertadores 2024. Learning from past mistakes will be crucial for their success. With determination and strategic planning, Boca has the potential to reclaim their glory in South American football.”

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