“We want to have the support of the fans against Bucaramanga”: Ricardo Márquez

Match Preview: Unión Magdalena vs Atlético Bucaramanga

The ⁣Battle in Santa Marta: Unión Magdalena vs Atlético Bucaramanga

Crucial Match for Unión Magdalena

This Saturday, Unión Magdalena is set to face Atlético​ Bucaramanga in a crucial match for the Samaria team. Currently fighting to move away from the penultimate position in the relegation table, Unión Magdalena needs to secure three ‌points to ‌continue their fight and avoid relegation. The team’s top scorer, Ricardo Márquez, emphasized the importance of unconditional‍ support from the fans to ‌give their maximum effort and gain⁣ an​ advantage over the visitors.

“We are still alive despite not depending on other⁢ results. We obtained a crucial point⁢ in our visit ⁣to Bogotá, and now⁤ we have ⁣faith in getting the points in the remaining matches. We trust and believe that we ⁢will give everything for these colors ‌and our fans,” said Márquez.

“In Santa Marta, we want to become strong, and for that, we ask ‍the ‘Ciclón’ fans⁢ to encourage us to continue giving our maximum effort,” ​he added.

Tough Opponents for Unión Magdalena

Unión Magdalena faces a⁣ challenging ⁣task⁢ as they will be up against three teams that have demonstrated outstanding performances in the league: Bucaramanga, Tolima, and Medellin. These teams have ⁢been in good form⁢ and currently hold top positions in the Betplay ⁢Dimayor League.

Unión will face its counterpart in ⁤its ‍own stadium, supported by its fans, with the intention of adding three valuable points against a rival that ‌has always made things difficult.

Bucaramanga’s Quest for the Top Eight

Bucaramanga aims to secure a victory in this direct match against a better-positioned rival like Unión Magdalena. Currently, Unión Magdalena is⁢ eleventh with 22 points, while Bucaramanga is thirteenth with 20​ points. Both teams have had an irregular⁤ championship so far.

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Key players to watch out⁣ for in Bucaramanga include midfielder Jhon⁤ Córdoba with three ‌goals, forward Misael Martínez with two goals, and Argentine attacker ⁣Emanuel⁣ Zagert with⁤ two goals. Bucaramanga‍ has shown proficiency in scoring from set-pieces, which should be analyzed⁢ by Harold Rivera’s coaching staff. The⁢ team has scored 14 goals in the league, primarily through collective and well-executed set⁢ plays.

Unión Magdalena’s Strength

After their ⁤impressive performance‍ against Millonarios, Unión⁤ Magdalena is strengthened and determined to replicate their success in their home ‍stadium against Atlético Bucaramanga. Players like Cantillo, Márquez, Contreras, Ángulo, ‍and Gustavo Torres have‌ shown ⁢promise and give hope of securing the much-needed three points.

Three Finals for Unión Magdalena

Unión Magdalena has​ three crucial matches remaining against Bucaramanga,‌ Tolima,⁣ and Medellín. These matches will determine the⁣ fate of the first champion of the coast in the highest‌ category of Colombian football.


In their most recent meeting,‌ Unión Magdalena suffered‍ a 3-0 defeat against Atlético Bucaramanga. However,​ in the history of their encounters, both teams have had an ‍even record with two victories, a⁣ draw, and two defeats each. This sets the stage for an‍ interesting match between two challenging ‍opponents.

By: Miguel Manjarrés⁣ Navas



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  1. “Having the unwavering support of fans is crucial when facing tough opponents like Bucaramanga. Ricardo Márquez understands the powerful impact fans can have on a game, and their unrelenting support can be the difference-maker. Let’s rally behind the team and show Bucaramanga that our passion knows no bounds!”

  2. It’s great to see Ricardo Márquez acknowledging the importance of fan support. The team’s success on the field depends not only on their skills, but also on the passion and backing of the fans. Let’s rally behind Bucaramanga and give them the boost they need to win! #TeamSupport

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