“We took a step forward from a football perspective.” > The Rancagüino

Joy in the Rancagüinas hosts

The 1-3 victory over ‍Curicó Unidos filled the light blue squad with optimism. ⁢The ⁤almost 100 minutes⁢ that were ‌played⁣ at the ‌La Granja stadium ‍showed a solid team in all ⁤its lines and that is what the fans are grateful for, since ‌the specter of relegation has moved away and⁢ now the primary objective is close.

A Hard-Fought ⁣Victory

After the match, coach Juan Manuel Azconzábal declared ⁢that “the victory is important, fundamentally because of the way the match took ⁢place.⁣ By a logical factor of not having increased the score, the⁤ rival approached⁢ in their own way.”

Analyzed Performance

In the analysis, he maintained that “in the first half ⁢we had clear goal situations prior to the penalty, and‌ I understand that ⁤they arrived in some play. In the second, we controlled the ‌game in general terms, perhaps we did not combine​ in possession of the ball, but even without having the ball the team looked solid.”

Valuing the Team’s Effort

In turn, the coach valued the team’s work, indicating ⁢that “they took the game forward from the beginning, knowing what they did, and this does strengthen our daily work, because victories give an extra​ dose of‌ confidence in the ​team players”, and that “we took a step forward⁣ from a football perspective, the other day it was from an emotional perspective.”

Azconzábal’s Perspective

Finally, and considering that O’Higgins is moving away from relegation and was within a cannon’s shot of the Cup ‍positions, ‌Azconzábal stressed that “I am clear about ‌the ‌reason why the ⁣institution went looking for me.”

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Players’ ⁤Reactions

In the dressing room area, a couple of elements⁣ spoke after the good victory achieved ​in ⁤Maule Norte.

Captain’s Praise

Captain Pedro Pablo Hernández ‌said that “we‍ played a great game‍ against a rival in need, these three points were very important and I think we ‌saw a much superior ​team.”

Youth Players’ Contribution

Likewise, he confirmed what has been​ said recently, regarding the youth players carrying the weight.⁢ “There ⁣is a lot of sense​ of belonging, as you will see, the boys are very committed,” ​he noted, to which he added that “they are a very⁤ confident team and​ we show it.”

Goalkeeper’s Determination

Finally, goalkeeper Luis ⁣Ureta said that “we had​ to suffer at times, but we got through it,” and that “everyone wants to be there, those not mentioned came and it shows that we are ‍all committed. “We want to get out of ⁣the bottom zone and, if possible, get into‌ the cup.”

It should be noted that the next‌ match will be on Friday the 22nd against Coquimbo ⁣Unidos at⁤ the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso stadium (8:30 ⁣p.m.).


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  1. This article highlights the positive progress made in football from a fresh perspective. It’s great to see how Rancagüino is taking a step forward, ensuring an exciting future for the sport.

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