“We cannot tolerate performances like the ones we have seen”

Iniesta ‌Criticizes Rubiales’ ​Handling⁢ of Situation

Accuses President of Not Taking Responsibility

Amid the controversy surrounding⁢ the behavior of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, after the Women’s World‍ Cup Final, the iconic Spanish footballer Andrés Iniesta has‌ taken the floor to express‌ his support for Jenni Hermoso⁣ and his rejection of Rubiales’ attitude.

Iniesta, known for his career ⁤at⁢ FC Barcelona and the Spanish team, has spoken​ out against the ​way Rubiales has handled the situation, ⁣accusing ‍the president of not taking responsibility for his behavior and of harming the image of Spain and Spanish football globally.

In his words, Iniesta declared: “After what has happened this ⁢week, I would like to convey my sadness as a ⁣person, father of three daughters, husband and footballer, in‍ the face of the events that we are experiencing in our football and around the Spanish women’s team. I think that we cannot tolerate performances like the ones we have seen, which have tarnished a milestone as ⁣big as winning a World‌ Cup. ​I can’t imagine the feeling that all the players in‌ the national team must have right now seeing how they ⁣are not talking about the ‍great tournament they⁢ had and the fantastic football they taught us all.”

Andrés Iniesta expressed his ‍attention despite ‌the way in which the team has strayed from ​the achievements and‍ excellence of the players of the Spanish women’s team.⁣ “It’s a shame that a beautiful⁢ story that many players have built over so many years has become dirty,” he added.

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The ex-Azulgrana footballer also criticized Rubiales’ refusal by acknowledging his unacceptable behavior and his refusal to resign from office. “Instead, we have had to put up with a president who ⁢has held ​on to his position, who has not⁤ admitted that his behavior has been unacceptable and that he is damaging the image of⁢ our country and our football around the world,” stressed Iniesta.

With this statement, Iniesta joins a growing stream of critics demanding a proper response ​from sports​ authorities before the controversy generated by the actions of‌ Luis⁣ Rubiales after the ‍historic victory of Spain in the Women’s ⁤World ⁢Cup.


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  1. It is disheartening to witness performances that fall below acceptable standards. We must seek improvement and demand better for the sake of progress and excellence.

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