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Walton​ International Fide Rating Chess Competition-2023

Fourth Round Results

‘Walton International⁢ Fide ⁤Rating Chess Competition-2023’ is currently underway ‍at the prestigious Manha’s Castle, organized by Manha’s Castle in collaboration with Bangladesh Chess⁤ Federation‌ and under the patronage of Walton Hitech Industries Plc.

On Friday, ‌October 27, 2023, the⁤ fourth round of‍ the competition ⁤took place in the Hallroom of Manha’s Castle. Fide Master Manon Reza Neer and Candidate Master Md.⁤ Machum ‌Hossain‍ both ⁣secured a perfect 4 points, jointly topping the points‌ list.

Exciting Matches ⁣in the Fourth Round

In the fourth round, Candidate Master Machum Hossain‌ faced tough opponents including International Master ‌Mohammad Minhaj Uddin, Candidate Master Saqlain Mustafa Sajid, and Candidate‍ Master Jamal Uddin. Fide Master Md. Sharif ⁣Hossain Siam Chowdhury, Abdul Momin ⁢Deen Mohammad, ZU Rahman Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury, ‌Female Candidate Master Mustaqeem Nafi, Md. ‍Abdur Rashid Warisa ⁤Haider, Sajjad Kishore⁢ Shahriar Muktadi, Md. Abu ⁢Saif Mehzabeen Islam, Md. Raihan Shams, and Anfal Aris ⁣also had impressive victories in their respective matches.

Fide Master Manon Reza received a walk-over against candidate master Ikramul Haque Siam, while Swarnavo⁤ Chowdhury managed‌ a ‍draw with⁤ Rabbi Selim.

Upcoming Schedule

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be ⁢a break-day for⁣ the participants. The fifth round of the competition will resume on Sunday,​ October 29, at the same venue, starting​ from 3:30 pm.

About the Competition

The 7-day competition follows a 7-round Swiss-league system and features the participation of 80 ⁤domestic and foreign chess players. The event will ⁣continue until October 30, with the winners receiving ​a ​total cash prize of one lakh twenty thousand rupees.

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Media and Event Partners

The media partners for​ this prestigious competition are ATN‍ Bangla, ATN News, and RTV. The event is supported by the popular brand Marcel, and the online partner is risingbd.com.

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