Vitor Roque’s Recovery and Return to Athens. Paranaense: Latest Updates

Vitor Roque Recovers from Injury, Set to Return After FIFA Game

Ath. Paranaense Gears Up for Match Against Vasco da Gama

Vitor Roque, a member of SPORT, has successfully recovered from his ankle ligament injury and is ready to make a comeback for the Paranaense Athletic Club. His return game has been scheduled immediately after the FIFA international break, on Saturday, November 25th, at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, where they will face Vasco da Gama. This match is part of the 35th round of the Brazilian league in 2023.

The 18-year-old center forward, who was rumored to be registered by Barcelona in the upcoming winter transfer market, had been sidelined for several months. He sustained the injury on September 22nd during the Ath. Paranaense-Internacional match in Brazil, when he was tackled by Colombian defender Nico Hernández, resulting in a slow-motion action that caused Roque’s right foot to get stuck in the artificial turf of the Arena da Baixada.

The diagnosis revealed a late ankle spinal cord ligament injury. Fortunately, surgery was not required, which came as a great relief. The recovery period is expected to take approximately eight weeks. Roque and his family even considered the possibility of not playing for “Furacao” anymore to protect his future move to Barcelona under Xavi Hernández in January.

As Barcelona has not officially communicated whether Roque can play for them immediately, he decided to continue playing for Ath. Paranaense until the end of the Brazilian league. The club is currently fighting for a spot in the Copa Libertadores 2024, which coincides with their centenary celebration.

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Barcelona Player Vitor Roque Injured by a Hard Tackle

A recent match between Barcelona and an opposing team resulted in a severe injury for Barcelona player Vitor Roque. The incident occurred when Roque was tackled aggressively by an opponent, causing significant damage to his ankle. This unfortunate event has raised concerns about Roque’s availability for future matches.

Roque’s Recovery and Return to the Field

Despite the seriousness of his injury, Roque is determined to make a swift recovery and return to the field as soon as possible. He is currently under the care of the team’s medical staff, who are following all necessary protocols to ensure his rehabilitation is successful. The priority is to fully heal his ankle ligaments and prevent any long-term complications.

Remaining Fixtures and Roque’s Potential Return

Barcelona has several important matches coming up, including games against Vasco da Gama, Cruzeiro, Santos, and Cuiabà. The team is hopeful that Roque will be available to play in these matches, as his presence on the field is crucial for their success. However, his return will depend on his recovery progress and medical clearance.

Barcelona’s Winter Market Plans

With Roque’s injury, there have been speculations about Barcelona’s involvement in the winter transfer market. Some wonder if the team will seek a replacement for Roque or rely on their current squad until his return. Barcelona’s management, including Xavier and Deco, have expressed confidence in Roque’s abilities and believe he can be a valuable asset to the team once he is fully fit.

Missed Opportunities for Roque

Roque’s injury not only affects his club team but also his chances of representing Brazil on the international stage. He was unable to participate in recent matches for the national team due to his injury. Additionally, he missed out on the opportunity to compete alongside other talented players in the Brazilian squad. However, Roque remains determined to make a comeback and prove himself on both domestic and international levels.

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