Virginie Christien, President of the Torigni-Conde judo club, talks about her mandate and the club’s projects

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He scored the second goal through Argentine Juan Lucero and condemned Santos. After Vasco da Gama was in the relegation zone for a few minutes, their agonizing victory saved them as it left them with 45 points, surpassing Bahía (44) and Santos (43), whose defeat made them lose by first time the top category in 111 years of history. In 2020 he reached the final of the Copa Libertadores, but this Wednesday he experienced the saddest day in his history. The head-to-head between Vasco da Gama and Santos comes from the meeting between them in Vila Belmiro, on October 1, when Peixe won 4-1 and Yeferson Soteldo had a gesture that angered the Rio players since the Venezuelan He stopped above the ball. Two months later the Rio de Janeiro team took revenge. On the other hand, Palmeiras drew 1-1 with Cruzeiro at Mineirao and became champions. Gremio’s 3-2 victory over Fluminense at the Maracaná, with a double from Luis Suárez, was not enough to take the title from Palmeiras. The Brasileirao allowed 16 of its 20 teams to fight for something in its 38 dates. First is the title. Then the top six fight to qualify for the Copa Libertadores. Then there are six other places for the Copa Sudamericana. And then the last four lose the category


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  1. I am impressed with Virginie Christien’s dedication as the President of the Torigni-Conde judo club. It’s great to see her speaking about her mandate and the club’s projects, showcasing their commitment to the sport and its growth.

  2. I’m glad to see Virginie Christien’s dedication as President of the Torigni-Conde judo club. Her insights on the club’s projects reflect her strong leadership and commitment to the sport. Keep up the great work!

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