Verstappen vuelve a hacer de las suyas y se alza con el GP de F1 en los EE.UU.

Max⁤ Verstappen Wins United States Grand Prix

Verstappen’s⁤ Record-Breaking ⁤Victory

The Dutchman Max Verstappen, who secured his third Formula One world championship title‍ in Qatar two weeks ago, continued ⁢his ‍remarkable winning streak by triumphing at the United States Grand Prix held at the Circuit of the Americas in ⁤Austin, ⁢Texas. This victory marked ‍Verstappen’s fiftieth win ​in the premier category, equaling his own record for most‌ victories in a single season: fifteen.

Verstappen, ‍26, ⁢crossed the finish ⁣line⁣ ahead ‌of ⁤Lewis ​Hamilton from Mercedes‍ Benz ‍and ‍Lando Norris from McLaren, who finished second and third ‍respectively.

Strong Performances ⁤from Sainz and Pérez

The race saw a ⁤strong performance from the Spanish driver Carlos Sainz, who finished fourth with​ Ferrari, just⁣ one place ahead of his teammate Sergio Pérez, the new Formula One champion’s partner.

Unfortunately,⁣ Fernando Alonso, another Spanish driver⁢ representing Aston Martin, had⁢ to retire from the race due to a problem with the flat bottom of his car, ⁤with only five laps remaining at the Texan circuit.

Verstappen Reaches 50 Victories

Max Verstappen achieved his fifteenth victory of the season, matching his own record ​from the previous year and reaching a milestone of 50 ‍wins‍ in ⁣his⁤ career. The ​Dutchman faced a ​challenging⁢ race, starting ⁤from the⁣ sixth position on the grid. After overtaking Lando Norris and taking ‌the lead, the three-time world champion ‌successfully fended ⁣off Lewis Hamilton’s‍ attempts to overtake him ⁢in the final stages of the⁢ race.‌ Hamilton, utilizing his tire strategy, closed the gap‌ but never made a serious overtaking move. On‍ the final podium, Verstappen was joined by two British​ drivers, with Hamilton finishing ahead‌ of Norris.

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Current Standings

Position Driver Victories Points
1 Max Verstappen 15 466
2 Sergio ​Perez 2 238
3 Lewis Hamilton 0 219
4 Fernando Alonso 0 183
5 Carlos Sainz Jr. 1 168
6 Charles Leclerc 0 159
7 Lando Norris 0 156
8 George Russell 0 139
9 Oscar Piastri 0 83
10 Pierre Gasly 0 52
11 Lance Stroll 0 49
12 Esteban Ocon 0 44
13 Alexander Albon 0 23
14 Valtteri ‍Bottas 0 10
15 Nico Hülkenberg 0 9
16 Zhou‍ Guanyu 0 6
17 Yuki Tsunoda 0 5
18 Kevin Magnussen 0 3
19 Liam Lawson 0 2
20 Logan Sargeant 0 0


2 Responses

  1. ¡Increíble actuación de Verstappen! Felicitaciones por el merecido triunfo en el GP de F1 en los EE.UU. Una vez más demuestra ser un piloto extraordinario.

  2. ¡Increíble actuación de Verstappen en el GP de F1 en los EE.UU.! No deja de sorprendernos con su habilidad y determinación. ¡Enhorabuena por la victoria!

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