Valencia Basket Clinches Second Supercopa Title in Thrilling Finish

The Taronja Club Lifts LF Endesa Super Cup Title

Drafting | 01/10/2023 | FEMALE

Valencia Basket emerged victorious in the LF Endesa Super Cup, defeating Perfumerías Avenida (78-73) in Gran Canaria. This triumph marks their second title in the competition, following their victory in 2021.

Rubén Burgos’ team showcased their dominance over the Salamanca team throughout the first 20 minutes of the game. With relentless pressure on every pass, Valencia replicated their second-half performance against Zaragoza, where they excelled in recoveries and quick offensive transitions.

It is an exhibition of @valenciabasket.

It is an exhibition by Queralt Casas. #SupercoopaLFEndesa

— Gigantes del Basket (@GIGANTESbasket) October 1, 2023

Led by the exceptional Queralt Casas, accompanied by Cristina Ouviñaa in the playmaking role, and with Alba Torrens executing flawlessly, Valencia showcased their skills on both ends of the court. Raquel Carrera, the tournament’s MVP, once again displayed an impressive performance. Despite Valencia’s lead reaching -27 in the middle of the third period, Avenida refused to back down. Pepe Vázquez’s team mounted a remarkable comeback, reducing the deficit to just 4 points with less than a minute remaining.

In the end, Avenida had a chance to tie the game with 10 seconds left, but two successful free throws by Elena Buenavida and a missed opportunity for Salamanca sealed the victory for Valencia, securing the first title of the season.

Photo: FEB


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  1. What a thrilling finish to the Supercopa final! Congratulations to Valencia Basket on clinching their second title. The team showed incredible determination and skill throughout the game. Well-deserved victory!

  2. What an exhilarating finish! Valencia Basket demonstrated their true championship spirit and determination, clinching their second Supercopa title in a nail-biting finale. An incredible display of skill and teamwork left fans on the edge of their seats. Congratulations to Valencia Basket for an unforgettable win! #SupercopaChampions

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