Valencia Basket Claims Supercampeonas Title with Hard-Fought Victory

Rubén Burgos Clinches Another Title with a Valuable Lesson Learned

Rubén Burgos has added another title to his impressive record, and despite facing a tough challenge from Perfumerías Avenida, the victory tasted even sweeter due to the valuable lesson it provided for the future of the Taronjas.

Speaking to Teledeporte after the match, Burgos expressed his thoughts on the game, stating, “It reminded me of the first playoff game last year. Perfumerías has regained their identity, drive, and three-point shooting, which caused us difficulties. However, these games serve as a learning experience. We are delighted with the victory, not only for our fans, club, and identity but also for our patron Juan Roig.”

From Strength to Resilience: The Key to Victory

When asked about the key to their victory, the Taronja coach emphasized the hunger and determination displayed by his team in the first half. He also praised the experience of his players, who managed to hold on during the final moments despite facing a challenging situation. “Experience plays a crucial role. We are fortunate to have many seasoned players who have been in similar high-pressure games before. Our intensity was evident in our hunger and overall performance, and it was the experience that ultimately guided us through the decisive moments. It’s worth mentioning the impressive contribution of young talent Elena Buenavida in closing the game,” Burgos explained.

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  1. Congratulations to Valencia Basket for their hard-fought victory and claiming the Supercampeonas title! They truly proved their determination and skill on the court. Well done!

  2. Congrats to Valencia Basket on their hard-earned Supercampeonas title! Their victory highlights their determination and ability to overcome tough opponents. Well done!

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