Unpaid Salaries, Medical Supply Shortages, and Debts: FAS Players Demand Accountability

FAS Players Denounce Salary Delay and Contract Breach

The squad of FAS has recently raised concerns over the delay in salary payments for the month of October, as well as the shortage of medical supplies and outstanding debts owed to players who participated in the Gold Cup. Additionally, there have been contract breaches for players residing outside of Santa Ana.

Salary Payment Delay and Supply Shortage

In a comprehensive statement, both players and coaching staff expressed their discontent, highlighting that they are still awaiting payment for the month of October, even until November 10. This delay in salary payments adversely affects their performance, and they urge the club’s leadership to take responsibility for these administrative matters. Furthermore, the team’s medical staff has repeatedly requested supplies for daily training sessions and official matches, as well as materials for player treatment, which have not been provided.

Unpaid Gold Cup Participation

The statement also reveals that players who represented the team in the recent Gold Cup, including Kevin Reyes, Roberto Domínguez, Bryan Landaverde, and Christian Gil (who left the team during the tournament), have not yet received payment for the days they were absent to participate in the official CONCACAF and FIFA tournament. Despite attempts to communicate with the club, they have not received a response regarding their outstanding payments.

Contracts and Benefits Not Honored

Furthermore, the statement highlights that contracts for players who do not reside in the city include benefits such as transportation and housing. However, these payments have not been made, resulting in players having their vehicles confiscated and facing threats of eviction.

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Widespread Payment Issues in Salvadoran Football

FAS is not the only team facing financial difficulties. Players from Águila have also reported similar situations, and a survey conducted by EL GRÁFICO reveals that at least six teams in the first division have outstanding debts. Platense is owed a month and a half, while Águila, Firpo, Metapán, and Jocoro are owed one month and 15 days, respectively.

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  1. It is disheartening to see FAS players facing such hardships. Accountability must be demanded to ensure unpaid salaries are settled, medical supplies are readily available, and debts are resolved. Their hard work and dedication deserve better treatment.

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