Unicaja secures seventh consecutive victory, third in Basketball Champions League, against Peristeri | Djedovic and Sima lead the scoring with 11 points each

Unicaja Secures Seventh Consecutive Victory in Basketball Champions League

Peristeri Unable to Challenge Unicaja’s Dominance

Unicaja continues its winning streak with a seventh consecutive victory in the Basketball Champions League, defeating Peristeri, a team with some talent but unable to pose a real threat. Even when Peristeri closed the gap to six points in the third quarter, Unicaja quickly regained control, showcasing their superior talent and strength. Djedovic and Sima emerged as the top scorers with 11 points each.

Unicaja’s Early Lead and Dominance

Unicaja wasted no time in taking the lead, applying high pressure defense that stifled Peristeri’s transitions and prevented them from finding their shooters or utilizing their tall players effectively. Vasilis Spanoulis, a basketball legend and newly appointed coach of Greece, called the first timeout after a triple by Alberto extended Unicaja’s lead to 20-13. The first quarter ended with Unicaja comfortably ahead at 26-15, thanks to seven points from Ejim.

Peristeri’s Struggles and Defensive Improvements

Unicaja continued to dominate, extending their lead to 34-19 with a run of 8-4. Peristeri’s players struggled to find a response, even with Spanoulis trying to rally his team. Nine turnovers in just 13 minutes were cause for concern. However, a triple by Barreiro further widened the gap to 37-19. Peristeri’s defense improved with a zone strategy, allowing them to reach halftime with a glimmer of hope at 44-33.

Peristeri’s Comeback and Unicaja’s Defensive Lapses

Peristeri started the third quarter strong, cutting Unicaja’s lead to just four points at 44-38. The game became more dangerous as Peristeri showed resilience, although they were not on the same level as Panathinaikos or Olympiacos. Unicaja’s defense struggled, allowing Peristeri to control the rebounds and narrowing the gap to 50-43 by the 25th minute.

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Unicaja’s Strong Finish and Control

Unicaja faced some challenging minutes as they struggled to score, resulting in a tight scoreline of 49-43. However, a three-pointer by Djedovic sparked a 6-0 run that widened the gap to a more comfortable 61-43. Unicaja continued to dominate, ending the third quarter with a significant lead of 64-45 after a triple by Perry. In the final quarter, Unicaja maintained control, playing at a moderate pace and preventing any chance of a comeback from Peristeri.

Unicaja’s Path to Round of 16

With this victory, Unicaja secures their third win in the Basketball Champions League and moves closer to securing a spot in the Round of 16 as group champions. They aim to avoid the cumbersome play-in stage. Despite a brief scare in the third quarter, Unicaja’s dominance and sufficiency ensured a comfortable victory.

Release by David Kravish
Release by David Kravish. Mariano Pozo
Good action from Barreiro
Good action from Barreiro. Mariano Pozo
Kameron Taylor dribbles the ball
Kameron Taylor dribbles the ball. Mariano Pozo
THE hug of happiness, Oserkowski and Perry
THE hug of happiness, Oserkowski and Perry. Mariano Pozo


81-Unicaja (26, 18, 20, and 17): Kendrik Perry (9), Saint Supery (0), Djedovic (11), Melvin Ejim (10), Kravish (7) – starting five – Barreiro (9), Osetkowski (7), Will Thomas (2), Yankuba Sima (11), Alberto Díaz (5), Kalinoski (7), and Kameron Taylor (3).

64-Peristeri (15, 18, 12, and 19): Ragland (10), Dangubic (4), Poulianitis (3), Williams (12), Trevor Thompson (8) – starting five – Hands (9), Zougris (2), Chougkaz (5), Mitrou-Long (7), Nate Renfro (4), and Xhantopoulos (0).

Referees: Paulo Marques (Portugal), Radomir Vojinovic (Montenegro), and Valentin Oliot (France)

Incidents: Martin Carpena. About 7,000 spectators.


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  1. “Unicaja’s impressive winning streak continues with another impressive victory in the Basketball Champions League. Djedovic and Sima showcased their scoring prowess, leading the team to another triumphant performance. Congratulations to Unicaja on their seventh consecutive win!”

  2. Great teamwork and balanced scoring from Unicaja keeps the winning streak alive, showing their dominance in the Basketball Champions League. Djedovic and Sima’s contributions with 11 points each were crucial for this impressive victory.

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