Uncertain Future for Julio Urías with MLB: Potential Replacements for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Future Uncertain for Julio Urías in MLB

The future of Mexican baseball player Julio Urías in MLB remains uncertain. His contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers concluded with the 2023 season.

Arrest and Administrative Leave

On September 3, Urías was arrested due to a problem with his wife. Currently, he is on administrative leave by MLB.

Free Agency and Contract Decision

After the completion of the 2023 season, Julio Urías became a free agent. However, he will not sign again with the Dodgers after finishing the season on administrative leave, as confirmed by an article in the Orange County Register.

Options for the Dodgers

With Urías no longer part of the team, the Dodgers need to consider their options for a quality starting pitcher.

Potential Replacements

Replacing Urías is a challenging task considering his impressive record. He has a 60-25 record with a 3.11 earned run average, four saves, and 710 strikeouts in 717 innings pitched.

The main option for the Dodgers could be Shohei Ohtani, who has a record of 10-5 with a 3.14 ERA and 1.06 WHIP. Yoshinobu Yamamato is another strong candidate with 16 wins, six losses, a 1.21 ERA, and 0.88 WHIP.

Both Ohtani and Yamamato are considered top free agents for the 2024 MLB season and have the ability to fill the void left by Urías. Ohtani, in particular, is also a finalist for the American League MVP award.

Another option is left-hander Blake Snell, who had a successful season with the San Diego Padres, recording a 14-9 record, 2.25 ERA, and 1.19 WHIP. Aaron Nola, a former right-hander for the Philadelphia Phillies, is also available with a 12-9 record, 4.46 ERA, and 1.15 WHIP.

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Lastly, Jordan Montgomery, who recently won the World Series with the Texas Rangers, could be a valuable addition to the Dodgers. He has a 10-11 record, 3.20 ERA, and 1.19 WHIP.


All the mentioned pitchers are of the same caliber as Julio Urías. Until his situation with the authorities is resolved, it is unlikely that we will see him on the mound in the upcoming MLB 2024 season.


2 Responses

  1. It’s unfortunate to see the uncertainty surrounding Julio Urías’ future with the MLB, especially considering his talent and potential. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers have always been known for their depth and ability to find suitable replacements. With their knack for player development and strong farm system, I have no doubt they’ll have a few potential candidates to step up and fill the void in case Urías’ situation remains uncertain.

  2. It’s unfortunate that Julio Urías’ future with MLB is uncertain, but the Los Angeles Dodgers have always demonstrated resilience in finding potential replacements. With their strong farm system and knack for player development, I trust they’ll find suitable replacements to keep the team competitive.

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