UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto Dominates KK Igokea M:Tel in FIBA ​​Champions League

UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto Dominates KK Igokea M:Tel in FIBA Champions League

UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto showcased their dominance as they defeated Bosnian team KK Igokea M:Tel with a resounding 72-47 victory at the Palacio de los Deportes. The scoreline perfectly reflects the one-sided nature of the clash, with Sito Alonso’s men completely in control from start to finish. This win adds to their unbeaten record at home, having won all four of their games – three in the Endesa League and one in the continental competition.

A Convincing Win Without Their Star Player

Despite missing their star Swedish center Simon Birgander, who was sidelined due to a stomach virus, UCAM Murcia CB did not face any difficulties against their opponents. Both teams had suffered defeats on the opening day, with UCAM CB losing to Italian team Basket Derthona and Igokea falling to Turkish side Tofas Bursa in overtime. Another loss for either team would have been a major setback in their quest to advance to the next phase.

Match Summary:

UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (72): Caupain (11), Ennis (9), Sant-Ross (2), Sleva (4), Sakho (10), Kurucs (4), Radovic (6), McFadden (7), Diagne (11), Hakanson (8).

KK Igokea M:Tel (47): Milosavljevic (-), Stankovic (2), Atic (5), Tanaskovic (15), Nikolic (9), Kondic (4), Delalic (-), Nakic (-), Gordic (3), Maric (6), Jeremic (3).

Referees: Manuel Mazzoni (Italy), Martin Horozov (Bulgaria), Nicolas Maestre (France). No players eliminated.

Incidents: The match took place at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia and was attended by approximately 5,000 spectators.

Despite a slower pace than usual, UCAM CB took the initiative right from the start. Troy Caupain and Jordan Sakho led the team’s offense, giving them an eight-point advantage at the end of the first quarter (19-11).

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The second quarter saw UCAM CB continue to extend their lead without exerting too much effort. The Spanish team outplayed their opponents, who struggled to find their rhythm, resulting in a comfortable 16-point lead at halftime (35-19).

Igokea showed some improvement in the second half, with Nikola Tanaskovic leading the charge. They managed to narrow the gap to ten points (39-29) with a quick run. However, UCAM CB responded swiftly with three consecutive three-pointers from Caupain, Dylan Ennis, and Thad McFadden, restoring their comfortable lead by the end of the third quarter (58-38).

The final ten minutes saw UCAM CB maintain their dominance, extending their lead to a final margin of 25 points. Moussa Diagne stood out as the most valuable player of the game, contributing 11 points and eight rebounds.

UCAM CB’s Position in the Group

With this victory, UCAM CB secures the second spot in Group H of the Basketball Champions League, behind Derthona. They are tied with Tofas Bursa, leaving Igokea behind. Their next match in the competition will be against Tofas on Tuesday, the 14th, at home. Before that, they will focus on their upcoming Endesa League fixtures.

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  1. “UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto showcases their dominance yet again in FIBA Champions League as they overpower KK Igokea M:Tel. Impressive performance from the team!”

  2. “UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto’s dominant performance against KK Igokea M:Tel in the FIBA Champions League shows why they are a force to be reckoned with. Impressive display of skill and teamwork!”

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