Tsitsipas Reacts to Turin 2023 Loss: Maintaining Optimism and Determination in Round-Robin Format

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Stefanos Tsitsipas Vows to Maintain Aggressive Approach Despite Loss⁤ to Sinner

The Greek tennis sensation, Stefanos Tsitsipas, remains undeterred after a straight-sets defeat against Jannik Sinner in the opening match of the Turin 2023 campaign. Tsitsipas emphasizes the advantage of the tournament’s round-robin⁤ format, ‌which allows players to stay in the competition even in the face of defeat. He draws attention to his own experience in⁢ 2019, where he lost a group match against Rafael ​Nadal⁢ but ultimately emerged as the champion.

“That’s the beauty of the Nitto ‌ATP Finals; it’s‍ not ⁤over until it’s really over,” asserts the World No. 6. “You can always bounce back and you can always come back. It’s a good format that fosters intense ⁢competition and enables remarkable comebacks, which are rare in our sport due‍ to the knockout rounds prevalent in most tournaments.”

Despite the setback, ‌Tsitsipas remains‍ optimistic about his chances of clinching ⁣a second title at the Nitto ATP ​Finals. He plans to approach his matches with freedom and aggression, capitalizing on his affinity ​for ‍fast surfaces.

“I now enjoy playing ⁤on fast⁤ surfaces much more than I⁣ did in the past,” he reveals. “My style ⁤of play is better⁤ suited to these conditions.⁣ I possess powerful shots and⁣ can hit the ball with great ⁣force.”

“This tournament presents an opportunity for me ‍to take risks and elevate⁢ my game. Why not? It’s ⁢a ‌prestigious event, and ⁣I am determined to‍ excel here,” ⁢Tsitsipas adds.

Tsitsipas ⁤also​ commends Sinner for‌ his exceptional serving performance,‍ as the Italian dropped a mere‍ 10 points en route to a ⁣6-4, 6-4 victory.

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“He has⁢ undoubtedly ‌improved his serve, and he showcased it today on ⁤the court,” Tsitsipas acknowledges.

“There wasn’t much I could do. At times, I attempted to anticipate his ⁢serves, but he consistently placed ⁤them close to the ⁢lines ⁢and corners,” Tsitsipas admits.

“I’m not an ​elastic superhero girl capable of reaching those balls. I gave my best effort, and ‌he played an outstanding game,” he⁢ concludes with‍ a smile.


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  1. Even in the face of defeat, Tsitsipas remains positive and determined. His unwavering optimism is a testament to his character and will surely serve him well in future competitions.

  2. While it’s disappointing to lose in the round-robin format, Tsitsipas’ ability to maintain optimism and determination is truly commendable. A true testament to his mental strength and resilience. Looking forward to seeing how he bounces back in future tournaments!

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