Triumphs of the Puerto Madryn Rugby Club in the Annual Hockey Tournament

Sea Wolf Facilities Host Annual Tournament Finals

12 NOV 2023 – 19:23 | Updated 12 NOV 2023 – 22:26

At the Sea Wolf facilities, the finals of the Annual Tournament took place, showcasing the talent of the Ladies in their Intermediate and First categories, while the Knights battled it out in the Official Tournament, marking the second tournament of 2023.

Intermediate Category

The Intermediate category kicked off with an intense first round. Puerto Madryn RC and Deportivo Madryn emerged as the finalists competing for the title. After a goalless draw in regulation time, the Lobas secured the championship trophy by winning 4-2 in a penalty shootout. This victory marked their second consecutive championship, as they had also claimed the top spot in the previous tournament.

First Ladies Category

In the First Ladies category, Puerto Madryn RC faced Bigornia in an eagerly anticipated final. PMRC emerged victorious with a commanding 4-0 win. Guillermina Vera scored twice, while Agustina Peredo and Indira Díaz Guzmán also found the back of the net, securing the goals for the champions.

Gentlemen’s Category

The Gentlemen’s category took center stage in the final match. Puerto Madryn RC clashed with Trelew in the battle for the Official Tournament title. In a thrilling showdown, the Madrid team emerged as champions with a 3-2 victory. Maximiliano López, Sebastián López, and Nicolás Acosta, from a penalty, scored the crucial goals for Puerto Madryn RC, while Juan Ignacio Fernández and Aaron López scored consolation goals for Trelew.

It is worth noting that Bigornia had previously claimed the Gentlemen’s Apertura Tournament title through a penalty shootout against PMRC. However, PMRC managed to overcome that setback and once again celebrated as champions after three tournaments without clinching the title.

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  1. Congratulations to the Puerto Madryn Rugby Club on their triumphs in the Annual Hockey Tournament! Your dedication and teamwork have paid off. Well done on achieving this incredible feat!

  2. Congratulations to the Puerto Madryn Rugby Club for their outstanding victories in the Annual Hockey Tournament. Their triumphs showcase their exceptional skills and hard work. Well done, keep up the great work!

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