Transport Minister Warns of Complicated Traffic During Paris 2024 Olympics

Minister for Transport Acknowledges Traffic Challenges During 2024 Olympics

The Minister for Transport, Clément Beaune, admitted on Tuesday that road traffic in Paris during the 2024 Olympics would be “complicated” on competition days. He announced that traffic plans for the capital would be presented by the beginning of December.

Speaking at the first congress of the Group of Hotels and Restaurants of France (GHR), Minister Beaune revealed that he had held a meeting with all transport stakeholders and the Paris police prefect earlier that day.

“Hardcore” Traffic Plans to be Revealed

“The long-awaited traffic plans in Paris will be presented by the end of November, at the very beginning of December at the latest. I must admit that these traffic plans will be quite challenging,” stated Minister Beaune to the professionals eagerly awaiting these plans, especially for their deliveries.

“It will be complicated to get around Paris on competition days,” he admitted. “There will be exemptions and specific rules for professionals, with a consultation phase until the start of next year.”

Information Campaign to Educate the Public

“Following the release of the traffic plans, there will be an information campaign to educate the public on how to anticipate the Games and reduce unnecessary travel during that time,” explained Minister Beaune. “We will also explain the details of the plans, exemptions, and who has the right to travel.”

“We will pay particular attention to exemptions and communicate extensively with professionals and suppliers in the sector,” added Clément Beaune.

Tourist Tax Increase to Fund Public Transport

Professionals also raised concerns about the expected increase in the tourist tax in Paris, which aims to finance transportation in the Ile-de-France region.

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“There was no perfect solution,” admitted Minister Beaune. “Someone had to bear the cost. It was not sustainable to have a Navigo pass that would cost between 120 and 130 euros in the next four to five years.”

“The idea behind the tourist tax is to have tourists contribute to the financing of additional public transport, considering that it is not significantly high compared to other European metropolises,” he added, acknowledging the significance of this decision.


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  1. The potential traffic congestion during the Paris 2024 Olympics is a cause for concern, as highlighted by the Transport Minister. It will be crucial for the authorities to implement effective traffic management strategies to ensure a seamless experience for athletes and spectators alike.

  2. “Be prepared for major traffic setbacks during Paris 2024 Olympic Games, as the Transport Minister urges everyone to plan ahead and brace themselves for daunting road conditions. Let’s hope sufficient measures are taken to minimize inconvenience to both locals and visitors alike.”

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