Title: “Violent Attack on Olympique de Lyon Team Bus: Match Canceled and Coach Injured

Bus Attack Mars Lyon’s Arrival at Velodrome Stadium

Local Fans Target Olympic Lyon Ahead of League Match Against Marseilles

Last Sunday, the bus carrying the Olympic Lyon team was subjected to a barrage of stones, cans, and beer bottles upon its arrival at the Velodrome Stadium for their highly anticipated league match against Marseilles.

The hostile local fans aimed to disrupt their rivals even before the game began, and unfortunately, they succeeded when a beer can struck Lyon coach Fabio Grosso, causing a severe injury above his eye.

Match Cancelled as Ligue 1 Takes Action

In response to the incident, Ligue 1 made the decision to cancel the match, prioritizing the safety of the players and staff. A few days later, coach Grosso addressed the altercation for the first time through an Instagram post.

“What transpired on Sunday night could have resulted in a tragedy, and it certainly was a blow to the sport and all its passionate followers. I sincerely hope that we can learn from this experience and prevent such incidents in the future. Thank you all for your unwavering support and solidarity. Let’s move forward together, Lyon!” wrote the strategist, accompanying his message with an image showcasing the gauze covering his injured eye.

Authorities Pursue Justice

The authorities are actively working to identify and apprehend all those responsible for the attack. As of now, nine individuals have been arrested and could face sentences of up to ten years in prison.

A History of Fan-Related Issues for Olympique de Marseille

Olympique de Marseille has long been plagued by the behavior and actions of some of its fans. Threats from this particular group recently led to the departure of Spanish coach Marcelino García Toral and a fellow compatriot manager.


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  1. This is truly shocking and unfortunate. The safety of athletes and coaches should always be a top priority. Wishing a speedy recovery to the coach and hoping for swift justice for those responsible.

  2. This is a shocking incident that highlights the pressing need for increased security measures in the world of sports. Wishing a speedy recovery to the coach and hoping for swift justice for those responsible.

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