Thrilling Comeback Victory for Bsquet Girona in ACB Liga Endesa

ACB Liga Endesa

With the game tied, Ike Iroegbu’s decisive basket and Davis’ free throw secured the victory

Ike Iroegbu attempts to score against Conner Frankamp’s defense,EFE.



Heart-pounding action unfolded at Fontajau. Bàsquet Girona staged an impressive comeback from an 11-point deficit in a closely contested match that was ultimately decided by Ike Iroegbu. With just 23 seconds remaining and the score tied at 83-83, Iroegbu took charge and propelled his team forward (85-83). Breogán attempted to respond, but their efforts fell short, and Davis sealed the victory with a free throw (87-83). Bàsquet Girona secured their sixth win of the season and solidified their position in the playoff zone.

Bàsquet Girona started the game sluggishly, suffering an initial 2-10 deficit and struggling on the boards. A scuffle between Gyorgy Goloman and Juan Fernández awakened both the crowd and the players themselves. With the sluggishness shaken off, the home team regained control thanks to the inspiring efforts of Quino Colom and managed to turn the tide.

Goloman was not pleased with Fernández’s audacity, but despite his efforts, he couldn’t contain the Argentine. In addition, Stefan Momirov found his touch from beyond the arc, sinking three consecutive three-pointers that extended Bàsquet Girona’s lead. Justin Anderson further ignited the crowd with back-to-back triples – one of them right in front of the players’ families – and even earned a technical foul amidst the chorus of whistles at Fontajau.

Mrsic’s players capitalized on the home team’s mistakes, stretching their lead to +11 (45-56). Quino Colom once again stepped up to bring his team back into the game, and the supportive Fjellerup contributed with two assists that brought Girona within three points (57-60). A crucial three-pointer from Momirov provided some relief for the Galicians during a tense moment in the game.

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Three consecutive three-pointers by Girona and a basket by Goloman tied the game (72-72). Every time Anderson touched the ball, the noise from the stands reached deafening levels. However, Momirov seemed unfazed, displaying his sharpshooting skills by converting his opportunities from beyond the arc (5/7 in 3-pointers). With just 120 seconds remaining and trailing by two, Davis turned the ball over and Sergi García made him pay with a shot from outside (78-83). But Girona refused to surrender. With 50 seconds left, Davis redeemed himself by tying the game (83-83). Girona had the game right where they wanted it: 23 seconds left and possession. The responsibility fell on last game’s MVP, Ike Iroegbu, who rose to the occasion and scored a crucial basket (85-83) to give his team the lead, and Davis sealed the victory with a free throw.

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  1. What a nail-biting game! Bsquet Girona’s thrilling comeback victory in the ACB Liga Endesa is a testament to their resilience and determination. This win will surely go down in the history books as a memorable moment for the team and their fans. Congratulations to Bsquet Girona on this incredible achievement!

  2. What an exhilarating match! Bsquet Girona’s thrilling comeback victory in the ACB Liga Endesa showcases their tenacity and skill. A remarkable display of determination and teamwork. Well done!

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