Thibau Nys and Fem van Empel Secure Victories at Koppenbergcross

Koppenbergcross: Thibau Nys Claims Victory

The Koppenbergcross, a challenging cyclocross race held in Oudenaarde, Belgium, witnessed the triumph of Thibau Nys from Baloise Trek Lions and Fem van Empel from Jumbo-Visma on Wednesday.

Thibau Nys secured the top spot, leaving behind Dutch cyclist Lars van der Haar (Baloise Trek Lions) and Belgian rider Eli Iserbyt (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) in second and third place respectively.

Nys dominated the race from the beginning, taking an early lead and maintaining it throughout the competition. Despite the rain making the already tough circuit even more challenging, the experienced Belgian cyclist showcased his skills and clinched his third victory of the season.

“I’ve rarely experienced a race like that,” Nys expressed. “It was such a slow circuit that I was completely exhausted.”

Fem van Empel Reigns Supreme in Women’s Event

Fem van Empel continued her winning streak by securing victory in the women’s Koppenbergcross event for the second consecutive year. The 21-year-old cyclist dominated the X20 Bathroom Trophy race from start to finish, claiming her sixth victory of the season.

Van Empel quickly distanced herself from her competitors, establishing a significant lead of 15 seconds after the first lap. Despite the challenging muddy course, the reigning world champion remained composed and crossed the finish line in first place, with a lead of just under 2 minutes over Denise Betsema (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) in second place.

“It was a tough race. I’ve never had such a challenging race here before,” Van Empel admitted. “You can’t imagine how much energy it takes as you’re barely moving forward. I tried to maintain pressure and utilize the grass verges. The conditions were treacherous.”

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Koppenbergcross: A Grueling Test Ahead of European Cyclocross Championships

The Koppenbergcross is renowned as one of the most demanding events in the cyclocross calendar. It also serves as the opening race of the X2O Badkamer Trofee, where time plays a crucial role.

“Koppenbergcross is my favorite. At the beginning of the season, I made sure to include it in my race schedule because I find the circuit truly remarkable. The challenging conditions today made it even more special,” Van Empel shared.

Van Empel views the Koppenbergcross as an excellent preparation for the upcoming European Cyclocross Championships in Pontchateau, France, scheduled for next Sunday. “Now, the priority is to recover well and then proceed with the usual race preparations,” she added.

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  1. “Impressive performances from Thibau Nys and Fem van Empel at the prestigious Koppenbergcross! These talented riders showcased their skills and determination, securing well-deserved victories. A sign of great things to come in their cycling careers. Congratulations to both!”

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