The UEFA President calls the accusation against Luis Rubiales for kissing Jenni Hermoso an ‘illogical’ criminal offense

The President of UEFA Criticizes Exaggerated Reporting on Luis Rubiales’ Kiss to Jenni Hermoso

The president of UEFA, Aleksandar Ceferin, has condemned the media’s portrayal of the kiss between former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and player Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final. Ceferin believes that journalists have blown the incident out of proportion, leading to the unjust accusation of a serious crime against Rubiales.

Expressing his legal expertise, Ceferin finds it “completely illogical” that the kiss is considered a criminal offense. He blames the journalists for sensationalizing the story beyond reason. In an interview with regional television N1, the UEFA president criticized the media’s role in amplifying the controversy.

While acknowledging that Rubiales’ actions were “inappropriate and reckless,” Ceferin believes that the former president was destined to lose the battle. He revealed that he had advised Rubiales to step down from his position, indicating that the kiss had irreparably damaged his reputation.

Ceferin also emphasized the need for a change in football culture regarding women. He called for a clear code of conduct that establishes boundaries for acceptable behavior and outlines consequences for crossing those boundaries.

Furthermore, Ceferin stressed the importance of increasing female representation in football. He highlighted the scarcity of women in managerial positions, pointing out that out of 55 national football association presidents in Europe, only three are women.

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2 Responses

  1. It’s disappointing to see such trivial accusations being labeled as ‘criminal offenses’. Let’s focus on addressing important matters within the sports world and not blow minor incidents out of proportion.

  2. I completely agree with the UEFA President’s perspective on this accusation. Labeling it a ‘criminal offense’ seems irrational and disproportionate. Let’s focus on fair play and sportsmanship rather than blowing minor incidents out of proportion.

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