Héctor Ordoñez ⁤Explains the Lights⁤ Out Incident at Matute

In ⁣a recent interview, Héctor Ordoñez, the delegate of Alianza Lima,⁣ shed light⁢ on the reason​ behind the sudden⁣ power outage at Matute⁤ stadium after⁤ the match against ‍Universitario in the final of the Liga1 Betsson. Ordoñez clarified that ⁢the decision to turn off the‍ lights was not made by the club, but​ rather​ by the authorities.

Club⁢ Distances ⁤Itself from the Decision

Ordoñez emphasized that the club will release an official statement regarding the incident, but ‌stressed that the decision to turn off the lights was beyond ‌their control. He stated, “Those ‍decisions‍ do⁢ not ⁢fall⁣ under the jurisdiction⁤ of the institution. ‍We are not responsible for award ceremonies, power outages, or any other decisions made by the authorities.”

Authorities Take Charge of the Situation

Furthermore, Ordoñez revealed that the club’s minutes document the coordination efforts made with the authorities. He clarified that Alianza Lima has not faced any‍ sanctions as the steps they need to follow are determined by the authorities. “We have complied with the⁣ instructions given to us,” Ordoñez added.

Club to Release Statement Soon