The Supportive Message from Palermo to Ibarra and Macri: The Future of Boca Juniors

The Future of Boca Hangs in the Balance

As the upcoming elections on December 2nd draw near, the political landscape of Boca Juniors is becoming increasingly intense. One of the factions vying for power is generating a lot of buzz and respect. During the presentation of the formula led by Andrés Ibarra and his new running mate Mauricio Macri, a video message from a prominent figure was shown, leaving no one indifferent. That figure was none other than Martin Palermo.

Palermo, the legendary top scorer of Boca Juniors, who has had a history of disagreements with Juan Roman Riquelme, sent his greetings and well wishes to the duo, expressing his hopes for their success.

Boca Juniors – 13-11-2023

The Message of Support from Palermo to Ibarra and Macri

The Complete Message from Palermo

“I want to send a special greeting to Andrés and Mauricio for the launch of the new formula. Best of luck and a big hug,” Palermo said in his recorded message, which unfortunately got lost among the followers gathered in a salon in the Constitución neighborhood for the formula’s presentation.

Presentation of the candidacy for president and vice-president of Boca: Andres Ibarra and Mauricio Macri at the Sindicato Uthgra Salta 1301. Photos by Emmanuel Fernández – FTP CLARIN _EMA9576_1.JPG Z EFernandz Efernandez

A Future as Boca’s Coach?

Palermo is one of the names being considered as a potential future coach of Boca Juniors. Given his past disagreements with Riquelme, it seems more likely that he would align with the former club president’s vision, although speculations denied any connection with the current leadership. How does this video play into this final option?

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– The first text mentions that Diego Simeone, coach of Atlético de Madrid, has still not managed to win at the FC Barcelona stadium in his seventeen visits as coach. The article also mentions that Barcelona has been one of the teams that has given Simeone the worst during his time on the red and white bench. -The second text indicates that one of the main aspects of the match will be focused on the performance of Joao Félix, Portuguese forward for Atlético de Madrid, and his relationship with coach Diego Pablo Simeone. The article mentions that the disagreements between the two have facilitated Félix’s move to Barcelona. In addition, it stands out that Félix has questioned Simeone’s playing style in an interview with ESPN. – The third text mentions the absences of both teams for the match. At Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández will not be able to count on Gavi for the rest of the season and he still does not have Marc André Ter Stegen available. In addition, Marcos Alonso has joined the list of last-minute casualties due to back problems. At Atlético de Madrid, the injured are Thomas Lemar and Pablo Barrios. – The fourth text highlights the importance of the match in the fight for third position in the standings, since both teams are tied on points in that position. In addition, he mentions that the match is also transcendental in the fight for the league title, since both teams are seven points behind the co-leaders, Girona and Real Madrid. – The last text mentions that the objective of Álvaro Morata, Atlético de Madrid player, is to win both for Real Madrid and Atlético


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  1. “Boca fans worldwide stand united with Ibarra and Macri, confident in the bright future that awaits our beloved team. Vamos Boca Juniors!”

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