The Shocking Kidnapping of Luis Díaz’s Father by the ELN Revealed – Liberation Plan Underway

The Shocking Kidnapping of Luis Diaz’s Father

The recent kidnapping of Luis Manuel Díaz, father of Colombian soccer player Luis Diaz, has sent shockwaves through both the local community and beyond. The talented forward for Liverpool has been enduring a tumultuous period following the abduction of his father by the armed group known as THE N.

An Announcement from the National Liberation Army

In a recent development, the outlawed group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. A faction of the National Liberation Army (ELN), one of the guerrilla columns, has come forward to explain the motives behind the abduction of the father of the Colombian national team player.

Through a recently published statement, this faction of the renowned guerrilla organization has revealed the details of how Luis Diaz Sr. was taken captive. Furthermore, they have communicated their plans for his release.

Commander’s Revelation

José Manuel Martínez Quiroz, Commander of the Northern War Front of the ELN, disclosed the method employed to capture Luis Manuel Díaz in the aforementioned statement. Additionally, the reason for his impending release was unveiled.

According to the statement, the motive behind the kidnapping was related to “economic missions” in the northern region of Colombia. The guerrillas themselves were unaware of his connection to the famous soccer player. However, they emphasized that “his release is being facilitated due to his relation to the beloved athlete cherished by all Colombians.”

Anticipating the Release

Further details regarding the release process are expected to emerge in the coming hours. The outlawed group has indicated that the release will take place soon, urging the public forces to refrain from intervening “to prevent any potential incidents.”

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  1. This article sheds light on the alarming abduction of Luis Díaz’s father by the ELN, uncovering their sinister liberation plan. The shocking details serve as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat posed by extremist groups, and the urgent need to address this issue promptly.

  2. This article sheds light on the distressing personal ordeal faced by Luis Díaz’s father, as he becomes a victim of the ELN’s shocking kidnapping. It highlights the urgent need for a thorough investigation and a comprehensive plan of action to secure his liberation.

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