The Return of Peter Sagan: Taking on the XCO World Cup to Qualify for the Olympics

Peter Sagan Will Compete in XCO World Cup to Secure Olympic Spot

Peter Sagan, the renowned Slovakian cyclist, has recently announced his participation in the XCO World Cup 2024. His main objective is to secure a place in the highly anticipated Olympic Games. Sagan, who will be racing with the Specialized Factory Team, is already strategizing to design a calendar that will enable him to reach the Olympic event. After bidding farewell to the asphalt, he is now fully focused on his comeback to mountain biking.

Setting Eyes on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Just two months after the conclusion of the season at Mont Sainte Anne, XCO riders are already aiming for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Peter Sagan, who recently participated in his final road race at the Tour de Vendée, has decided to retire from road cycling after achieving remarkable success. However, the Slovak legend has one last ambition: to make a triumphant return to mountain biking and leave his mark on the Olympic Games.

Sagan has shared some insights into his plans for the upcoming season. In an interview with Cyclingnews, he expressed his enthusiasm for the challenge ahead: “I’m not sad about ending my road cycling career. I’m more than thrilled to continue with mountain biking and see what I can achieve.”


While acknowledging the uncertainty of his performance in the new discipline, Sagan recognizes that obtaining favorable results will be challenging. He emphasizes the need for rigorous training, stating, “I have to train hard, that’s for sure.”

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Aiming for the Paris Olympic Games

Sagan’s primary goal is to secure a spot in the Paris Olympic Games. However, the task is complex as he has limited time until May 26 to accumulate the necessary points for qualification. Slovakia currently lacks a prominent figure who has earned sufficient points in the national scoreboard, making the challenge even more demanding.

With this in mind, Sagan has announced his participation in the XCO World Cup. He will be racing alongside the Specialized Factory Racing team, which includes talented riders such as Blevins, Frei, Stigger, Koretzky, Vidaurre, and Batten. The number of races he needs to compete in to secure the Olympic spot remains uncertain. Sagan acknowledges the difficulty, stating, “It’s going to be difficult to pick up some points. We’ll see. We have to carefully consider the calendar.”

Embracing the Challenges of Mountain Biking

Sagan expresses his eagerness to participate in numerous races, as each race serves as valuable training. He highlights the demanding nature of mountain biking, stating, “It’s a great effort to go full throttle for an hour and a half. I need to improve my technical skills, especially in downhill sections, which are not typically practiced on the road.”

Furthermore, Sagan acknowledges the importance of strength training, particularly focusing on his upper body. He plans to incorporate various exercises to enhance his overall fitness and performance.

When asked about his affinity for mountain biking, Sagan emphasizes the sense of freedom it offers. He explains, “You can go almost everywhere. You’re in the woods, away from road traffic.”

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  1. “Peter Sagan’s decision to enter the XCO World Cup is a thrilling comeback story. With his exceptional cycling skills, he poses a formidable challenge to secure his spot in the Olympics. Exciting times ahead for both Sagan fans and cycling enthusiasts!”

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