The Reason Why Jardine Took a Defensive Approach Against San Luis

Jardine mouser against San Luis
The Reason Why Jardine Came Out as a Mouser Against San Luis

November 2, 2023 · 2:35 p.m.

Beyond the absences that América had to face Saint Louis, a team that employs the same strategy should not significantly reduce the intensity with its substitute players. However, in the case of the American team against the Potosí team, they displayed a completely different performance compared to their previous matches before arriving to play at the Alfonso Lastras stadium.

According to the panelists of La Última Palabra, América deflated in the match against Atlético de San Luis, and this could be attributed to the knowledge of the game system possessed by the current coach of the Potosí team, who was André Jardine’s assistant at the beginning of the Apertura tournament. On the other hand, it is speculated that Jardine did not want to harm and expose the San Luis team, which could explain why his team played with less intensity, although this theory is not completely proven.

While América secures first place in the Apertura Tournament 2023 with the victory, San Luis is struggling to accumulate the necessary points to remain in the direct qualification zone. A high number of goals conceded against América would have been catastrophic for the Potosí team.

On the other hand, América, after securing the lead, can afford to play the remaining matches with their substitute team, considering that regardless of the outcome against Tijuana and Tigres, they will maintain their position at the top of the standings. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to recover their injured players and enter the final league with a fully fit squad.

What Injured Players Could América Recover for the League?

  • Diego Valdes
  • Nestor Araujo
  • Igor Lichnovsky
  • Julian Quiñones

Javier Vaca

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  1. Jardine’s decision to take a defensive approach against San Luis shows their tactical brilliance and adaptability. By prioritizing defense, they effectively neutralized San Luis’s attacking threats, proving that sometimes a cautious strategy can yield positive results.

  2. Great article! I found the insight into Jardine’s defensive approach against San Luis fascinating. It highlights the strategic thinking behind the team’s decision and sheds light on their approach to the game. Well written and informative.

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