The Real Madrid’s Market Objectives Remain Unchanged Despite Rumors Surrounding Mbappé

Real Madrid’s Market Objectives Remain Unchanged

Despite recent rumors surrounding Bondy’s attacker, Real Madrid has not altered its market objectives in recent weeks. Speculations suggesting Kylian Mbappé’s exclusion from the future plans of the white club have been refuted by various sports media in France, contradicting earlier reports by Cadena SER.

The Arrival of Endrick Felipe Confirmed

While the potential signing of PSG forward Kylian Mbappé remains uncertain, one thing that is certain is the arrival of Endrick Felipe. The Brazilian player is set to reinforce the ‘9’ position left vacant by Karim Benzema’s surprise departure to Al-Ittihad last summer. Although Ancelotti currently relies on Vinícius and Rodrygo as the starting strikers, Endrick aims to take over the role left by the Lyon attacker.

Endrick acknowledges that Mbappé is his direct competition, but surprisingly expresses his desire to play alongside him. He states, “I would like to play with him, he wouldn’t bother me. On the contrary, sharing training and competing together would be great.” Even his family, aware of his competitive mentality, fails to understand his support for Mbappé’s arrival.

Endrick’s Admiration for Mbappé

Endrick idolizes Kylian Mbappé, considering him one of his role models. The Rio-born player has always admired Mbappé’s exceptional skills and football virtues. He even expressed that it would be “wonderful” if they could both be part of the Santiago Bernabéu locker room. Endrick is resolute in his desire to play alongside Mbappé.

Mbappé: The Ideal Player for Real Madrid

Endrick firmly believes that Kylian Mbappé is the perfect player for Real Madrid, despite the rumors and Mbappé’s remarkable goal-scoring record. The rising star from Brazil acknowledges the talents of other football players who compete for the same starting position at Real Madrid, recognizing that nothing is given away easily in the club.

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  1. Despite the swirling rumors surrounding Mbappé, Real Madrid’s market objectives remain unwavering. They have a clear vision and will actively pursue their targets while staying focused on building a strong team.

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