The MLB Winter Meeting: Trevor Bauer’s Possible Return and the Teams Willing to Take the Risk

The MLB Winter Meetings: Trevor Bauer’s Potential Return to the Majors

The MLB winter meetings provided an opportunity for Trevor Bauer’s agents, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, to explore potential avenues for the right-handed pitcher’s return to the Major Leagues.

A Rocky Road for Bauer

At 33 years old, Bauer’s journey in the Major Leagues took a tumultuous turn in June 2021 when he faced sexual assault accusations. Although these allegations did not result in legal consequences, they led to his suspension and subsequent departure from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bauer is now set to pitch in Japan in 2023.

Limited Options in the MLB

Given the controversy surrounding Bauer, his options for a return to the MLB appear to be limited. “I can’t think of an owner so desperate to win that he would take that on,” expressed a former major league owner to the Los Angeles Times. A former MLB team president also expressed skepticism, stating, “Your chances of signing Bauer are relatively small. The pushback from the fan base, regardless of the team, will be significant.”

A Chance for Redemption?

Despite the challenges, there are teams in dire need of pitching talent that may be willing to take a chance on Bauer. While it is unlikely to be the Dodgers or the Yankees, there are other organizations that could consider signing him at the right price.

The Red Sox’s Bold Move

Could the Boston Red Sox dare to make a bold statement by signing Trevor Bauer? With a new president of baseball operations, the team may be carefully evaluating every move they make this winter. However, after two years of disappointments, the Red Sox are eager to make impactful acquisitions, and strengthening their starting rotation is a top priority. Bauer’s recent success in Japan, with a 10-4 record and a 2.76 ERA, along with an increased fastball velocity of 99.3 mph, could make him an enticing option for the Red Sox.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see if any teams are willing to take a gamble on Trevor Bauer during the MLB Winter Meetings. Despite the risks, his undeniable talent might just make it worth it.

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