The Inspiring Journey of Dr. José Ángel De León López: From Judo Champion to Medical Specialist

Profile of Dr. José Ángel De León López

A Remarkable Journey: Dr. José Ángel De León López

A Young Doctor Making Waves in the Medical Field

When Luz, a co-worker at LISTÍN DIARIO, suggested writing the story of Dr. José Ángel De León López, it was impossible to think that he was a 30-year-old boy. The mind was prepared to go and receive, at the Reception of this newspaper, that man of at least the third “ta” (50 and up). Very nice and polite, he introduces himself, making it clear that sometimes those medical degrees play tricks on anyone, making them think that they always have to be very adults.

It cannot be denied that his youth not only caused surprise, but also joy. It is worth applauding the feat of a young man who left a remote field in San Francisco de Macorís and who was born into a family of limited resources, to represent his country

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  1. Dr. José Ángel De León López’s inspiring journey from martial arts champion to medical specialist is a testament to the power of determination and resilience. His drive to excel in different fields showcases a remarkable individual who never settles for less. A true inspiration for aspiring professionals seeking to make a difference in multiple domains.

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