Carlos Alcaraz’s Professionalism Questioned by Trainer

Photo credit: Panoramic

Complicated End to the Season

Carlos Alcaraz, the talented Spanish tennis player, faced a challenging end to his season. Despite his remarkable skills, he suffered a defeat in the fourth round of the Shanghai tournament and was soundly beaten (6-3, 6-2) in the semi-final of the Masters at the Rolex Paris Masters.

While some may attribute his performance to the demanding schedule, Alcaraz’s trainer refuses to make excuses. In an interview with Carrusel Deportivo, Juan Carlos Ferrero stated, “The schedule is what it is. Although he played fewer tournaments this year, he participated in numerous matches, leading to mental fatigue towards the end. If he aspires to be the best, he must act like the best and maintain professionalism throughout the year. We must accept the calendar as it is.”

“What Alcaraz did between Miami 2022 and Wimbledon 2023 is completely crazy! You have to digest all of this. Ferrero had to tell him ‘it’s okay now calm down otherwise you’re going to fart.’ @BenoitMaylin

— Sans Filet 🔞 (@SansFilet) November 13, 2023

In response to his recent defeat against Alexander Zverev at the Masters, Alcaraz attributed his slump to mental fatigue. He acknowledged the demanding nature of the year and stated, “Probably this fatigue is due to a very high level of demand for so long.”