The Impact of Diego Simeone: How He Ended Liverpool’s Supremacy – Roberto Firmino’s Revelation

Roberto Firmino Credits Argentine Coach for Liverpool’s Decline

The Atlético Coach Successfully Neutralized Liverpool’s Dominance, Says Firmino

Roberto Firmino was a key member of Liverpool’s successful Premier League and Champions League-winning team until his departure to play in Arabia last summer. In his upcoming autobiography, set to be released on November 9, Firmino sheds light on the remarkable journey of that team. He states, “It’s no secret. We conquered Europe and the world, but something was missing: we hadn’t conquered England and the coveted Premier League trophy. Undoubtedly, until March 2020, when the pandemic halted everything, we were the best.”

It was at this point that Firmino identifies Diego Pablo Simeone as the catalyst for Liverpool’s downfall. He explains, “After 26 wins in 27 games, it was clear that the title was within our grasp, and our goal had shifted to winning the league undefeated. We discussed this among ourselves – why not? We were winning week after week, and the finish line seemed to be approaching without any signs of slowing down. But then, we experienced a dip in form; a small one, but enough to have severe consequences. This dip, perhaps in the long run, contributed to our loss of European and global dominance. In February 2020, we traveled to Madrid to face Atlético in the Champions League round of 16. Atlético’s coach, Diego Simeone, perfectly identified our style and devised a way to nullify us.”

The elimination at the hands of Atlético dealt a heavy blow to the English team. Firmino reflects, “It was our first defeat in five months, only the second of the season (the other being against Napoli in the group stage), and it truly caught us off guard. At that stage of the season, we felt invincible, boasting a united and formidable squad. However, we were not truly invincible. The result against Atlético exposed our vulnerabilities. Following the Madrid defeat, we suffered three more losses, which turned out to be even more significant than we could have imagined. We were defeated 3-0 by Watford, ending our streak of 18 consecutive Premier League wins and a run of 44 unbeaten games.”

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  1. Diego Simeone’s impact on Liverpool’s downfall cannot be understated. Roberto Firmino’s revelation only solidifies the tactical genius of the Atletico Madrid manager. Simeone’s defensive prowess and ability to exploit Liverpool’s vulnerabilities proved decisive in ending their supremacy. A true mastermind of the game.

  2. Diego Simeone’s impact on Liverpool’s supremacy cannot be understated. His tactical prowess and relentless drive transformed Atletico Madrid into a powerful force, capable of ending the English club’s dominance. Roberto Firmino’s revelation sheds light on Simeone’s ability to disrupt Liverpool’s gameplay, proving that his influence goes beyond the touchline. A remarkable testament to a truly remarkable coach.

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