The Fiery Debate: Panelists Clash Over Boca Juniors’ Cavani’s Lack of Goals

Tenso cruce entre el Cai Aimar y el Negro Bulos por Cavani

The F90 panelists argued about the Boca Juniors striker’s lack of a goal

The news surrounding Boca Juniors has ignited a fiery debate on ESPN’s program, F90. The discussion, sparked by a clash between panelists regarding the performance of Edinson Cavani since joining the team, escalated into a heated argument that caught everyone off guard and required intervention to restore order.

A Difference of Opinion

It was Cai Aimar who expressed the belief that the Uruguayan striker needs to “build confidence” in order to score more goals. According to Aimar, this will happen when Cavani finally finds the back of the net. However, this perspective infuriated Frederick “Black” Bulos, who countered with, “He has a 30-year career and $50 million in the bank.”

A Tale of Redemption

Bulos then recalled his time as a coach at Boca Juniors, where he worked alongside Gabriel Omar Batistuta. Batistuta had joined the team after a disappointing stint at River Plate, and according to Cai, he had lost confidence to the point of refusing to take free kicks. However, Batistuta eventually regained his scoring touch, prompting Cai to intervene and tell him to ease up on the goals.

A Clash of Personalities

Before Bulos could respond, Aimar snapped, “What the hell do you know? Have you ever been a coach?” Bulos defended himself, highlighting his successful career and financial stability, questioning the need for Cavani to gain confidence. This exchange escalated to the point where Aimar stood up and approached Bulos, shouting, “He is a human being who needs confidence! You can’t speak like that! Do you understand? It’s easy for you to sit here and act all cool.”

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Intervention and Resolution

Thankfully, the host Sebastián Vignolo and other members of the program intervened to defuse the tension and calm the atmosphere. The debate ultimately subsided, not extending beyond this particular question.

Questioning Cavani’s Performance

Since joining Boca Juniors, Edinson Cavani has only managed to score three goals, with one coming from a penalty. His performance has faced scrutiny, particularly following Boca Juniors’ defeat in the Copa Libertadores final against Fluminense.


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  1. It’s undeniable that Cavani’s lack of goals for Boca Juniors has sparked a fiery debate among panelists. While some argue that the expectations were too high, others question his true contribution to the team. The clash of opinions reflects the importance of analyzing the bigger picture beyond goal statistics.

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