The FESFUT Competition Committee rechazas the National Classic at the stadium due to authorization from the Licensing Commission

FESFUT Competition Committee Denies Al Águila’s Removal from National Classic

The FESFUT Competition Committee has informed Al Águila that they cannot be removed from the upcoming National Classic against FAS at the renowned Cuscatlán stadium. It is important to note that the Licensing Commission has not granted any authorization for such a decision.

Scheduled Match Details

The official program of the first division has scheduled the match to take place on November 22 at the Cuscatlán stadium. The game will kick off at 8:00 p.m. and ticket prices range from $5 to $20.

A Controversial Decision

This decision by the Competition Committee marks a departure from their previous practice of not scheduling matches at the Cuscatlán stadium. This situation has occurred before, with Firpo attempting to relocate matches involving Alianza and FAS. Now, it is Águila’s turn to face a similar challenge.

Águila’s Response

Óscar Giralt, the representative of Águila in the first division, expressed his dissatisfaction with the notification received from the Competition Committee. In a statement on his X account, Giralt emphasized the role of sports federations in facilitating and promoting fair competition, rather than complicating it. He called for the resignation of committee members who lack leadership capacity or decision-making authority. Giralt also criticized the economic impact of the committee’s decisions on clubs, highlighting the suspension of the tournament and the resulting financial losses. He concluded by stating that this time, the club will not remain idle and will take appropriate action.

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for Pinot on this Giro.

“There are days when we tell ourselves that we must continue to fight, but there are also days when we tell ourselves that we must stop” Thibaut, disappointed

Despite this new disillusionment, Thibaut Pinot keeps his head high and does not give up. He knows that these “almost victories” testify to his level of form and his ability to fight. He is already looking ahead to the future and remains determined to achieve his goals.

“I am disappointed not to have won a stage, but that does not call into question my motivation and my passion for cycling. I will continue to work hard to come back stronger and finally achieve this long-awaited victory.” Thibaut, determined

Thibaut Pinot’s season therefore ends with these “almost victories”, a taste of unfinished business, but also a source of motivation for the next deadlines. His goal remains unchanged: to shine on the roads of major competitions and prove that he is one of the best riders of his generation.


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  1. It’s disappointing to hear that the FESFUT Competition Committee has rejected the National Classic at the stadium. The authorization from the Licensing Commission should have been sufficient for such a significant event. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved quickly to ensure fans don’t miss out on a thrilling match.

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