The Dire State of the Peruvian National Team: Is Coach Reynoso on the Verge of Departure

Reynoso’s Future Hangs in the Balance as Peru Struggles in World Cup Qualifiers

It is a dire situation for Peru’s national team as they face five consecutive winless games, failing to score a single goal and showing little offensive prowess. The team’s performance reflects a country that struggles to make progress, taking decades to build even a single avenue. The Reynoso era is now at its most critical stage, with rumors swirling that the coach will be leaving after the match against Venezuela on Tuesday. The future of the project hangs in the balance.

Uncertainty Surrounds Reynoso’s Continuity

Hours before the crucial match against Venezuela, it remains uncertain whether Reynoso will continue as the coach. A source close to Agustín Lozano, the national team coach, reveals that the decision regarding Reynoso’s future is not one that will be made hastily or informally. The coach is part of a comprehensive project that extends beyond the national team, encompassing other selections and categories. The source, however, refrains from providing further details.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Journalist Coki Gonzales has sparked rumors about Reynoso’s potential departure, claiming that three members of the FPF Board of Directors have expressed their desire to remove the coach. This information has been confirmed by sources, indicating that the team’s poor performance, loss of points, and damaged relationship with the fans have led to calls for Reynoso’s departure. The three board members have requested a meeting after the Venezuela match to finalize the decision, regardless of the outcome.

A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Project

Agustín Lozano, in light of recent developments, believes that a thorough evaluation of the project is necessary. This evaluation would encompass various aspects, including the team’s performance in the Qualifiers, Reynoso’s relationship with the players, and the financial implications of his potential departure. Lozano intends to have a conversation with Reynoso and Ciego Oblitas, the General Director of National Teams, before making any decisions regarding the coach’s future.

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Players Stand by Reynoso

Despite the team’s struggles, there has been no public criticism from the players towards Reynoso’s coaching methods or treatment. Even when the starting lineup changes frequently, resembling a club’s day-to-day operations rather than a national team’s consistency, the players have remained supportive. Inside the Videna, the training facility, there is an expectation that the players will show their determination and unity against Venezuela, demonstrating their responsibility and commitment on the field.

A Crucial Match for Reynoso’s Future

If Reynoso and his team fail to secure a victory against Venezuela, it may spell the end of the project. While elimination from the World Cup is not imminent, the lack of positive results will make it difficult to justify continuing a project that has shown good intentions but few tangible outcomes.


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  1. It’s clear that the Peruvian National Team is in a dire state, and it may be time for Coach Reynoso to step aside. The team’s lackluster performances and failure to qualify for major tournaments calls for a change in leadership.

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