The Davis Cup Heads to Málaga: Hopes to Host the Tournament in 2024

With a Stop in Madrid Atocha Station, Davis Cup Trophy Arrives in Malaga

The Davis Cup trophy, the most prestigious trophy in sports, has made its way to Malaga after a previous stop in Madrid Atocha Station. In the upcoming week, eight teams including Canada, Italy, Holland, Finland, Serbia, Great Britain, Czechia, and Australia will compete for the coveted Salad Bowl.

Continuing the Adventure in Malaga

This exciting journey, which began last year, will continue in Malaga at least until 2024. After two editions in Madrid, the International Federation (ITF) has taken direct control of the event, without the involvement of Kosmos who terminated their agreement earlier this year. David Haggarty, the recently re-elected president of ITF, confirmed that the format will remain the same. The decision to continue in Malaga will be discussed by the executive committee next week, aligning with the desires of the city council and the Junta de Andaluca. José María Arrabal, the Sports Secretary of the Andalusian Government, expressed their ambition to become the home of world tennis, highlighting their successful hosting of the Billy Jean King Cup and junior competitions this year.

Davis Cup Trophy

“The Davis Cup is special. It is the only competition where you can wholeheartedly support your country. It is a tournament filled with surprises, nerves, and the potential for both positive and negative outcomes,” said Feliciano López, director of the Davis Cup finals. López, who has won five Salad Bowls, was joined by Borja Vivas, sports councilor of the city council, Juan Rosas, sports manager of the Junta de Andaluca, and Ral Blanco, president of RENFE, who proudly presented the Sports Train. “The fact that this year’s final is so open reflects the current state of tennis. While Djokovic has proven his dominance, Alcaraz has emerged as a rising star, but there is no clear-cut dominant player,” López added.

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Arrival at María Zambrano Station

The journey concluded with the arrival at María Zambrano Station, where the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, received the cup. The city will safeguard the trophy until the champion is crowned on Sunday, the 27th of November. “Malaga aspires to be a premier city, and that is why we want the Davis Cup to continue for many years,” expressed Arrabal.

“We would love for the Davis Cup to stay in Malaga, and we will discuss this with other institutions such as the Board and Provincial Council in the coming days. It will require a collective effort, but if the financials align, which seems promising, we would be delighted. We will have a clearer picture before this year’s final takes place,” stated Mayor Francisco de la Torre.




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  1. “Exciting news! Málaga’s bid to host the Davis Cup in 2024 is a testament to their passion for tennis and ability to host prestigious sporting events. The city’s vibrant atmosphere combined with world-class facilities make it the perfect setting for this prestigious tournament.”

  2. “Málaga is the perfect setting for the Davis Cup in 2024, with its rich tennis heritage and stunning location. Excited to see the tournament make its way to this beautiful city!”

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