The Condition of the Monumental Stadium Grass After Taylor Swift’s Concerts

Extraordinary performances by an artist who is likely to be recognized worldwide, showcasing impressive and consistent talent that captivates audiences. However, the condition of the field at the Monumental Stadium has become a major concern, overshadowing the upcoming performances by Taylor Swift in Argentina. Just within 24 hours after the last show, the impact on the field is evident.

With all the protective measures in place (which unfortunately end up damaging the playing surface), one can easily observe the contrasting image between River Plate’s home ground and the Independent Club’s field. The grass at the Monumental Stadium displays different shades and clearly marked sections, reflecting the meticulous care taken to ensure a perfect playing surface. However, there are some areas where the grass appears normal, similar to any other River Plate home game.

An important detail to note is that Martin Demichelis’ team does not enjoy the same privilege at the Monumental Stadium. In the previous Copa de la LPF zone stage against Instituto, they had to play at the Independent Club’s field. However, if River Plate reaches the Top 4, all playoff matches will be held at neutral venues. Therefore, it will be another two and a half months before River Plate can use their hybrid grass again, which is known for its durability.

This means that for now, the focus is on the upcoming concerts rather than football. Fans can look forward to performances by Roger Waters (November 21 and 22), Red Hot Chili Peppers (November 24 and 26), Duki (December 2), and Tan Biónica (December 8). Additionally, Maria Becerra is confirmed to perform on March 23 next year, coinciding with the FIFA international break.

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The Monumental Game Field in Photos

Take a look at the condition of the field during Taylor Swift’s concerts.


River Plate signed a $15 million contract with producer DF Entertainment to host 20 concerts at the Monumental Stadium over a period of three years. Last year, the stadium hosted 13 shows, including performances by Coldplay, Guns N’ Roses, and Harry Styles. The club received $500,000 for each show, resulting in a total revenue of $6,500,000.

Photos of Taylor at the Monumental Stadium

Taylor Swift dazzled the audience at the Monumental Stadium (AP).

The artist’s concerts were highly anticipated (AP).

The action captured during the Eras Tour (AP).

Over 200,000 attendees over three days (Martín Bonetto).

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  1. It’s disheartening to see the toll big concerts like Taylor Swift’s have on the condition of monumental stadium grass. Hopefully, measures can be taken to preserve and restore these iconic venues for future events.

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