The A2 Series of Roller Hockey Started in San Juan Time

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Last night

The championship’s first matchday kicks off with some teams starting strong and others playing tomorrow, Friday.

The Clausura of men’s roller hockey A2 Series commenced on Wednesday night.

Some teams had a strong start on the first matchday of the Clausura of men’s roller hockey A2 Series, while others are scheduled to play tomorrow.

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Here are the results from the first matchday:

Rivadavia neighborhood 3–5 Aberastain

Caucetera 2–0 Huarpes

Student Under 23 3–5 Student

Colon 3–7 Sarmiento

Banking under 23 4–3 SEC

This Friday, the curtain will come down on the matchday with the following matches: Banco Hispano–Concepción, Richet–Valenciano, Olimpia–UVT, Lomas–Bancaria, and Social–Unión, starting at 9:30 p.m.


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  1. “The A2 Series of Roller Hockey has become a thrilling event in San Juan, bringing together talented players and passionate fans, creating a lively atmosphere. It’s great to see the sport flourish in this city and provide exciting entertainment for all.”

  2. “The A2 Series of Roller Hockey in San Juan – an exhilarating event bringing together the best of athleticism and sportsmanship. Looking forward to witnessing the action-packed matches and supporting our local talents!”

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