The 2023 Parapan American Games begin with table tennis

2023 Parapan American Games Kick Off with Table Tennis

This ⁢Thursday morning, the highly anticipated ⁣2023 Parapan American ‌Games will ⁤commence ‍at the Ñuñoa Olympic Training Center. ⁣The event, set to officially open on Friday, will witness the participation of over 160 national athletes vying for medals. However, just like​ the recent Pan American Games, the sports competitions⁤ will begin a day earlier.

Table Tennis Takes the Spotlight

The international competition will be inaugurated with table tennis matches.‌ Among the talented athletes‍ on‌ the‌ court will be Matías Pino, a​ representative of the O’Higgins region. Pino, who clinched an individual gold medal in class 6 and a bronze in ⁢the couples class 6-8 with Cristian Dettoni and Ignacio Torres at the Lima 2019 Games, is ready to ‍showcase his skills once again.

Pino’s involvement in the Pan American Games⁤ was also noteworthy, as ‌he had the honor ⁢of carrying the torch ​during the torch ‍relay’s conclusion‌ at the El Teniente stadium‍ in Rancagua.

“I have been preparing for‍ this ​opportunity for several years, and I believe I have the necessary skills to secure a place on the⁤ podium. However, our aim is⁣ to fight for first place, just like ⁤in all the previous‍ Games,” Pino expressed confidently.

He further emphasized, “My faith remains unwavering, and I am proud ⁣of the hard work I have put in over the years.” Pino’s exceptional talent in the discipline has garnered‌ recognition​ worldwide.

Now, ‍competing on home turf with the support‌ of⁤ the local audience, Pino shared, “Throughout my sporting career, I have‌ never​ had the chance ⁤to compete with the home team, alongside ⁣my family ‍and friends cheering me ⁣on. This unique opportunity not only motivates‍ me ⁢but also compels me to‍ deliver‍ outstanding results and actions, not just for myself but for​ my teammates as well.”

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Concluding his remarks,⁢ Pino expressed his belief in the potential ​of Team Para Chile,​ stating, “I firmly believe that​ Team Para Chile will deliver an exceptional performance in⁢ these Parapan ⁣American Games.”

Exciting Lineup of Sports

Table ⁤Tennis will continue to captivate the audience on Friday, while the following day, after⁢ the ‌official inauguration,‍ the other disciplines will commence, with many of ⁤them taking place at the National Stadium.

Another talented athlete⁢ from the O’Higgins region participating in this international competition is Hernán Moya. The⁣ paracyclist will compete in the Gran Fondo and Time Trial ‍on ‍Maipo Island on Sunday the 19th and Sunday⁤ the 26th.⁣ Additionally, he will showcase his skills at the Peñalolén Velodrome in ​the 1,000 and⁣ 4,000 meters ‍on ‌Thursday the 23rd⁣ and Friday the 24th.

However, Pino and Moya are not the only representatives⁣ from the region. Juan‌ Soto, a​ former professional basketball player and current coach of the national wheelchair basketball ⁤team, will also‍ be⁢ present at the ‌Parapan American Games, aiming to guide his players to victory.

A⁢ Promising Journey Ahead

Macarena Chandía, the Seremi of ⁢Sports, expressed her thoughts on the participation of Matías​ Pino and Hernán Moya in the Santiago 2023 Games. She highlighted the significance of their achievements and the challenges ‍they face in their respective disciplines.

Chandía stated, “In the case ⁣of Mati, he aims to maintain his outstanding ⁢performance from⁢ Lima. As for Hernán, this is his first experience,⁢ and it ⁤presents‌ a real challenge for him to promote his development in the Paralympic discipline.”

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She further mentioned that ⁣both athletes ​have received support from the⁢ Regional Government.⁤ Regarding cycling, Chandía⁢ emphasized the need to recruit more cyclists who can transition into paracycling. She explained, “Hernán had an accident and used⁢ cycling as a rehabilitation mechanism.” Considering the ⁣popularity​ of cycling in the region, she​ emphasized the importance of collaboration with the Chilean Paralympic Committee and⁤ specialists‌ to train technicians‌ and⁣ promote the sport.

Regarding table tennis, Chandía acknowledged the presence of numerous clubs in‌ the region and expressed ​the‌ need to establish connections with schools that have integration projects. She emphasized ⁤the importance ‍of​ strengthening the sport at ⁢the grassroots level, stating, “There is still⁣ much ​work to be ‌done.”

Matías Pino, paratenimesista, who⁢ carried the Pan American torch⁣ at the El Teniente stadium, begins his participation in the 2023 Parapan ‌American Games this ⁢Thursday.
Hernán Moya, paracyclist, will begin his competition on Sunday in⁤ Isla de Maipo, and during ‌the next week ⁤at the Peñalolén ⁣Velodrome.


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  1. “The 2023 Parapan American Games kick off with an exciting start as table tennis takes center stage. Get ready to witness stellar displays of talent and determination from athletes with diverse abilities. Let the games begin!”

  2. “An exhilarating start to the 2023 Parapan American Games! Table tennis showcased extraordinary talent and resilience right from the beginning. Looking forward to witnessing more spectacular performances throughout the event!”

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