That Luis Díaz “does not have his best day” is Paraguay’s priority

Paraguay Aims for Victory Against Colombia in World Cup Qualifiers

Asunción, ⁤Paraguay – The Paraguayan⁣ national team, led by coach ‌Garnero, is determined to secure three points in their upcoming match against Colombia⁣ in ⁤the South American World Cup qualifiers. However, before focusing on the game, they must find a way to neutralize the⁢ threat ‍posed by Colombian winger Luis ​Díaz,⁤ who has been in exceptional form.

Crucial Match​ for Paraguay

Paraguay currently sits in‌ seventh place in the qualifiers ⁢with ⁢5 points out of 15 possible, while Colombia is in third ​place with 9 points. Díaz’s ‌outstanding performance in their recent‍ victory over Brazil has made him a ⁢key player to ‌watch out for. Garnero believes that ⁤this match could be a turning point for Paraguay⁢ and a chance to ​climb up the rankings.

Garnero’s‍ Strategy

Garnero ⁤emphasized ‍that the priority for Paraguay is to secure a victory. He ​acknowledged the threat‌ posed by Díaz ⁣and ⁢stated that the​ team‍ will employ ​a collective defensive approach to limit his‍ impact on the game. The coach highlighted ⁤the importance of minimizing Colombia’s possession and quick transitions,⁤ while maximizing their own scoring opportunities.

Positive Results ⁣for Paraguay

Since Garnero took charge of the Paraguayan national team, they have achieved positive results. They secured a ​1-0 victory against Bolivia and held Chile to a goalless draw in their previous matches. These performances⁤ have boosted the ⁢team’s confidence ahead⁢ of the crucial clash​ with Colombia.

Full Squad Availability

Garnero⁤ confirmed that all players in his squad are available for the match against Colombia. However, he⁢ remained tight-lipped about his starting​ lineup,⁢ avoiding questions from journalists. With‍ his experience as a former ⁤player and coach of top Paraguayan clubs, Garnero is confident in his team’s abilities to deliver a strong performance.

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Excitement Builds ⁤for the Match

The anticipation for ⁣the ⁢match​ between Paraguay and Colombia is growing, with both teams eager to secure a crucial victory. Garnero’s humorous response to journalists’​ requests for the opponent’s training lineup added to the excitement surrounding the ⁤game.

As the match approaches, ‌Paraguay is focused on their goal of securing three points and climbing up‌ the qualifiers’ ‌standings. ⁤The team is determined to overcome the challenge posed by Luis Díaz and emerge victorious in this important encounter.

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  1. Paraguay’s priority should not solely be focused on one player’s performance. While it is understandable to acknowledge that Luis Diaz did not have his best day, it is more important for the team to collectively analyze their performance and work on improving as a unit.

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