Tennis Club de Fleurance: Assessment, plans for the future and new perspectives

The Fleurance Tennis Club Presents Results and Future Plans

The Fleurance Tennis Club recently held its general meeting, providing an opportunity to reflect on the past year and outline the association’s future prospects.

Membership and Team

As of November 7, 2023, the club has a total of 154 licensees, which is a decrease of 5 compared to the previous year. Among the members, there are 73 adults, consisting of 21 ladies and 52 gentlemen, and 81 young people, including 35 girls and 46 boys.

The club is driven by a dedicated management team. The Tennis Club of Fleurance is managed by an office comprising 8 volunteers: Aurore Batbie as treasurer, Christian Batbie, Christian Dumon as president, Muriel Fourteau, Vincent Fourteau as secretary, Vincent Manoer, Dominique Meschia, and Patrick Volpato. The coaching staff consists of Nicolas Pader, a state-certified instructor, and Chloé Batbie, a sports instructor with a License Staps qualification.

Activities and Events

The club actively participates in various events, including the “Village des assos” and activities organized by the Gers Departmental Tennis Committee. It also hosts its own activities, such as the “MIX” evening for adult training groups. Additionally, a friendly tournament involving 19 young players aged 7 to 14 years was organized between the Fleurance Tennis Club and a neighboring club, Lectoure. This tournament featured around 45 matches held at the TCF facilities. Furthermore, a special outing was organized for young members on Halloween at Walygator.

The City Tournament, a two-week-long intense tennis event, requires extensive preparation. The club expresses its gratitude to Vincent Fourteau for his dedication to this event. The tournament is a significant sporting occasion for the TCF, with over 250 matches played last season. It attracted 167 players who participated in 264 matches across 10 events. The tournament also serves as a platform for newcomers to gain experience in competitive play, with group stages implemented in the initial rounds to facilitate more matches. The club received financial assistance from the Tennis League, amounting to 30% of the total investment, which was €1,300 out of €4,300, to enhance the clubhouse’s aesthetics.

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Future Projects

Looking ahead, the club has plans to create padel courts, as announced by the municipality. However, Aimée Pararols, deputy mayor, explained that the costs associated with this project are higher than initially anticipated. Therefore, the club is exploring the possibility of partnering with a private energy operator to limit investments, with the consideration of covering at least one court. Additionally, the sports report was presented during the meeting, highlighting the club’s achievements and challenges in the field.


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  1. “The Tennis Club de Fleurance has shown remarkable growth and progress in its assessment. With clear plans for the future and new perspectives, it is poised to continue thriving and becoming a hub for tennis enthusiasts. Exciting times ahead!”

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