Team Medellín-EPM, dominator of the RCN Classic in the last five years

Diego Pescador emerged victorious in the eighth stage of the Clásico RCN Banco Agrario 2023 and secured a spot in the top 5. (Photo © Prensa Clásico RCN)


Team Medellín-EPM: Dominating the RCN Classic for the Past Five Years


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October 1, 2023

Team Medellín-EPM has clinched its fifth consecutive title in the RCN Classic. (Photo Anderson Bonilla © RMC)

Another edition of the Classic RCN has come to a close with yet another triumph for Team Medellín-EPM, solidifying their fifth consecutive championship. The dominance of this Antioquia-based team began in 2019 with Oscar Sevilla, followed by Jose Tito Hernandez in 2020, Fabio Duarte in 2022, and most recently, Aldemar Reyes in 2023.

The Cycling World Magazine has documented the team’s five titles in the ‘Duel of Titans‘ led by José Julián Velásquez. Undoubtedly, the Paisa squad has exhibited an overwhelming dominance over the past five years.

2023 ALDEMAR REYES (TEAM MEDELLÍN-EPM) *Photo Anderson Bonilla © RMC






An Insight into the Cycling Market: A Glimpse at the New Signings of World Tour Teams


2 hours ago


October 1, 2023

Isaac Del Toro, the Mexican champion of the Tour de L’Avenir, joins the UAE Team Emirates as their latest addition. (Photo ©Tour de L’Avenir)

The transfer market of the WorldTour teams is constantly evolving. Negotiations between teams, agents, and riders have been ongoing for months, and official announcements have started pouring in since August 1.

The latest confirmed transfer involves the Arab team UAE Team Emirates securing the services of the talented Mexican cyclist Isaac Del Toro, who recently triumphed in the 2023 edition of the Tour de L’Avenir.

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The Cycling World Magazine provides an overview of all the official signings announced thus far by the respective teams.

The French rider Axel Laurance joins from the development team Alpecin-Deceuninck
The Belgian rider Timo Kielich joins from the development team Alpecin-Deceuninck
The German rider Henri Uhlig joins from the development team Alpecin-Deceuninck

Arkéa-B&B Hotels
The Spanish rider Raúl García Pierna arrives from Kern Pharma Team
The Italian rider Vincenzo Albanese arrives from EOLO-Kometa
The Belgian rider Laurens Huys arrives from Intermarché-Circus-Wanty
The Australian rider Miles Scotson arrives from Groupama-FDJ
The French rider Clement Venturini arrives from AG2R Citroën Team

Astana Qazaqstan Team
The Italian rider David Ballerini arrives from Soudal Quick-Step
The Ecuadorian rider Martin Lopez comes from the development team Astana
The Kazakh rider Nicolas Vinokourov comes from the development team Astana
The Eritrean rider Henok Mulubrhan arrives from Green Project-Bardiani CSF-Faizanè
The Italian rider Lorenzo Fortunato arrives from Eolo-Kometa
The German rider Max Kanter arrives from Movistar Team
The Dutch rider Ide Schelling arrives from Bora-hansgrohe
The Danish rider Anthon Charmig arrives from One-X Pro Cycling Team

Bahrain Victorious
The British rider Finlay Pickering arrives from Trinity Racing
The Italian rider Alberto Bruttomesso arrives from Cycling Team Friuli ASD

The Australian rider Sam Welsford arrives from Team DSM-Firmenich
The Spanish rider Roger Adrià comes from the team Kern Pharma
The Colombian rider Daniel Felipe Martínez arrives from Ineos Grenadiers
The Austrian rider Alexander Hadej arrives from Tyrol KTM Cycling Team
The German rider Emil Herzog arrives from Hagens Berman Axeon
The Italian rider Matteo Sobrero arrives from Team Jayco-AlUla

The British rider New Signings for Professional Cycling Teams

Lotto Dstny

The British cyclist Lukas Nerurkar has joined the Lotto Dstny team from Trinity Racing. He will be joined by fellow Brit Jack Rootkin-Gray from Saint Piran. Additionally, Irish riders Darren Rafferty from Hagens Berman Axeon and Archie Ryan from Jumbo-Visma development team have also joined the team. Danish cyclist Michael Valgren has made the move from EF Education-NIPPO Development, and Dutch rider Jardi van der Lee joins from Willebrord Wil Vooruit.

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French cyclist Cyril Barthe has made the switch from Burgos-BH to join Groupama-FDJ. British rider Matthew Walls has also joined the team from Bora-Hansgrohe. Eddy Le Huitouze from Groupama-FDJ Continental, Norwegian rider Sven Erik Bystrom from Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, French rider Rémy Rochas from Cofidis, and French rider Clement Russo from Arkéa-Samsic complete the new signings for the team.


Intermarché-Circus-Wanty has welcomed French cyclist Alexy Faure from Circus-ReUz-Technord, Belgian rider Vito Braet from Team Flanders-Baloise, Italian rider Francesco Busatto from Circus-ReUz-Technord, and Dutch rider Roel van Sintmartendsijk from Circus-ReUz-Technord.


British cyclist Ben Tullet has joined Jumbo-Visma from Ineos Grenadiers. American rider Matteo Jorgenson has made the move from Movistar Team, while Norwegian rider Per Strand Hagenes and Norwegian rider Johannes Staune-Mittet come from the Jumbo development team. Dutch rider Loe van Belle also joins from the Jumbo development team.


Dutch cyclist Sam Oomen arrives at Lidl-Trek from Jumbo-Visma. Spanish rider Carlos Verona joins from Movistar, and South African rider Ryan Gibbons arrives from UAE Team Emirates. Italian rider Fabio Felline joins from Astana Qazaqstan Team, while Italian rider Simone Consonni arrives from Cofidis. Italian rider Andrea Bagioli joins from Soudal Quick-Step, Austrian rider Patrick Konrad arrives from Bora-Hansgrohe, British rider Tao Geoghegan Hart arrives from Ineos Grenadiers, and Italian rider Jonathan Milan arrives from Bahrain Victorious.

Soudal Quick-Step

Belgian rider Jordi Walop comes from the Soudal Quick-Step development team, while Belgian rider Ayco Bastiaens joins from the Alpecin-Deceuninck development team. Spanish rider Mikel Landa arrives from Bahrain Victorious, and Belgian rider Gil Gelders comes from the Soudal Quick-Step development team. French rider Antoine Huby arrives from Vendée U, while Belgian rider William Junior Lecerf and Belgian rider Warre Vangheluwe come from the Soudal Quick-Step development team. American rider Luke Lamperti arrives from Trinity Racing.

Team DSM-Firmenich

Dutch rider Gijs Leemreize arrives at Team DSM-Firmenich from Jumbo-Visma, while Dutch rider Timo Roosen also joins from Jumbo-Visma. Dutch rider Bram Welten arrives from Groupama-FDJ, French rider Warren Barguil arrives from Arkéa-Samsic, and Dutch rider Fabio Jakobsen arrives from Soudal Quick-Step.

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Team Jayco-AlUla

Italian rider Davide De Pretto arrives from Zalf Euromobil Fior, Danish rider Anders Foldager arrives from Biesse-Carrera, Swiss rider Mauro Schmid arrives from Soudal Quick-Step, and German rider Max Walscheid arrives from Cofidis.

UAE Team Emirates

Swiss rider Jan Christen arrives from Hagens Berman Axeon, Spanish rider Igor Arrieta arrives from Kern Pharma Team, Italian rider Filippo Baroncini arrives from Lidl-Trek, Portuguese rider Antonio Morgado arrives from Hagens Berman Axeon, German rider Nils Politt arrives from Bora-Hansgrohe, and French rider Pavel Sivakov arrives from Ineos Grenadiers.

Clásico RCN Banco Agrario 2023: Aldemar Reyes revalidates the title in a big way, winning in el Alto del Escobero

Published: 3 hours ago, October 1, 2023

Aldemar Reyes, two-time champion of the 2023 RCN Classic. (Photo © RMC)

In a thrilling battle against the clock, Aldemar Reyes of Team Medellín-EPM successfully defended his title in the Classic RCN Banco Agrario 2023. He emerged victorious in the final time trial at the Alto del Escobero. The nine-day national calendar competition featured 140 cyclists out of the 194 who initially started.

Versailles, Valle del Cauca Defends Leadership in Envigado

The corridor from Ramiriquí, Boyacá, secured his second title in the ‘Duel of Titans’.

Important Changes in the General Classification

Aldemar Reyes claimed the overall title, with Rodrigo Contreras (Colombia Power of Life-GW Shimano) finishing second and his brother Yeison Reyes (Team Medellín-EPM) in third place.

Aldemar Reyes
Aldemar Reyes won the time trial in Alto del Escobero and became a two-time champion of the 2023 RCN Classic. (Photo © RMC)

“I still can’t believe it. We worked really hard for this race. I’m extremely proud of the time trial I did. I climbed at my own pace. The most important thing was to win the Classic. I want to thank everyone on the team, and I’m thrilled to retain the title,” said Reyes after the race.

The final stage of the RCN Classic, a 15.8-kilometer time trial from El Poblado neighborhood in Medellín to Alto del Escobero, concluded with Aldemar Reyes taking the victory, followed closely by Rodrigo Contreras (Colombia Power of Life-GW Shimano). Germán Darío Gómez (GW Shimano-Sidermec) completed the podium.

Rank Rider Team Time
1 Aldemar Reyes Team Medellín-EPM 43:27
2 Rodrigo Contreras Colombia Power of Life-GW Shimano 0:01
3 Germán Darío Gómez GW Shimano Sidermec 1:48
4 Diego Pescador GW Shimano Sidermec 1:50
5 Luis Mora Zulia Rice – Ángeles Hernández-JB 2:22
6 César Nicolás Paredes Zulia Rice – Ángeles Hernández-JB 2:24
7 Jonathan Chaves EPM-Go Rigo Go 2:36
8 Yeison Reyes Team Medellín-EPM 2:44
9 Kevin Castillo Team Sistecredito 2:54
10 Brayan Sanchez Team Medellín-EPM 2:56
11 Cristian Camilo Muñoz EPM-Go Rigo Go 3:01
Yeison Reyes, Aldemar Reyes, and Rodrigo Contreras on the final podium of the Clásico RCN 2023. (Photo © RMC)

Individual General Classification

Rank Rider Team Time
1 Aldemar Reyes Team Medellín-EPM 31:55:55
2 Rodrigo Contreras Colombia Power of Life-GW Shimano 1:21
3 Yeison Reyes Team Medellín-EPM 3:44
4 German Dario Gomez GW Shimano-Sidermec 3:58
5 Diego Pescador GW Shimano-Sidermec 4:04
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Juan Diego Guerrero Tem Systemcredit 20:30


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What is Tem Systemcredit?

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  • Automated credit monitoring and analysis
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Benefits for Businesses

Implementing Tem Systemcredit can yield numerous benefits for businesses, including:

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