When is it and where can you watch the women’s World Cup final?

The ‍2023 ‌Women’s World ‌Cup: Spain vs England The‌ highly⁤ anticipated finale of ​the 2023 Women’s‌ World Cup in Australia and New Zealand⁣ is just around the corner. ⁣After ⁤an ⁣intense competition ⁢featuring 32 teams, only two remain to​ battle⁣ it out for the ultimate football glory. The Spanish⁣ National Team will go ‍head-to-head with […]

This was the goal of Spain with which they are crowned as women’s World Cup champion

Spain Claims​ Victory in ​Women’s World Cup Spain has emerged ⁣as the new champion of the Women’s World‍ Cup, held in Australia and ​New Zealand. In a closely contested match against‌ England,⁣ the Spanish team ⁤secured‌ a 1-0 victory, showcasing their prowess⁣ on the field. Olga Carmona’s⁤ Stunning Goal The sole ⁤goal of the game […]

The reactions of Colombia’s victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup

A New Triumph for the Colombian National Team The Colombian people are filled ⁤with enthusiasm as they eagerly anticipate the remaining matches of the Women’s World Cup,⁤ which is nearing its ⁤conclusion. Starting ​from this Thursday, the quarterfinal round of the tournament will be played, bringing us ‌closer to ⁤crowning a new champion. Despite facing […]

The juicy prize that Colombian soccer players secured in the World Cup

Colombia Women’s Team Receives Generous Prize for Advancing to Round of 16 The Colombia Women’s team has been rewarded handsomely ⁢for their impressive performance in the Women’s World Cup.⁣ After securing a spot in the round of 16 and advancing to the next round where they will face England,⁣ the team has received a substantial […]

Historic triumph of the Colombian Women’s National Team against Germany

Colombia Shocks​ Two-Time ‍World Champion⁤ Germany ⁤with ⁤Stunning Victory The Colombian team delivered a surprising ‌blow to the two-time ⁤world champion Germany in a thrilling‍ match on Sunday. Linda Caicedo’s exceptional goal brought the ⁤coffee country one step closer to their dream, while Manuela Vanegas sealed the victory in the 97th ​minute, breaking the tie […]

Relive the goals of the women’s Colombian National Team against Germany

The Colombian women’s soccer team achieved an agonizing and historic victory against the favorite Germany. In a first half in which the ‘cafeteras’ managed to contain their rival defensively, those led by Nelson Abadía were applied on the mark but not very offensive. Already for the second part, a stadium where the majority of Colombian […]

RCN commentator cried in full transmission of Colombia

Who won the battle for the rating of the women’s team? In the first game of the Colombian women’s team in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Kantar Ibope Media managed to determine between RCN and Caracol which was the media outlet that managed to get the highest rating. According to the company, […]