The United States and Mexico are in third place

An Impressive​ Performance by Roberto⁢ Monsalva at the Santiago 2023 ⁤Pan American Games Roberto Monsalva, a talented athlete from Rancagüino, showcased his exceptional skills in fencing at ⁣the recently concluded Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. A Torchbearer’s Journey to the National⁣ Stadium Prior to the ‍sports festival, Monsalva had the honor of carrying the torch […]

Chile and the United States play for their place in the final

Intense Competition at Punta de Lobos PHOTOS: Marco​ Lara The day began with rough seas due ‍to the⁢ bad weather front in ‌the area, resulting in an earlier entry into the water than expected. Rafael Cortez, focused⁢ and determined, awaited ​his initial heat. The week of competition was ​fierce, especially when ⁤the Pichilemino surfer fought […]

Chile and the United States play for their place in the final

Intense Competition at Punta de ⁤Lobos PHOTOS: Marco Lara The day began with⁤ rough seas due to the ⁤bad ‌weather⁣ front in​ the area, resulting in an earlier entry into the⁣ water than expected. Rafael Cortez, focused ‌and determined, awaited‍ his initial heat. The week of competition was fierce, especially when the Pichilemino‌ surfer fought […]

The United States will face Honduras on date 2 of group B

United States ⁤to Face Honduras in Group B Match Tomorrow, the United States will go head-to-head‍ with Honduras at⁣ the Sausalito stadium for the second match of Group B in the Football – Men’s‌ Teams tournament. The highly anticipated game‌ is scheduled to kick off at 3:00 p.m. Teams Seeking Redemption Both teams enter this […]

US plans to remove foreigners from Gaza do not go ahead due to Egypt’s position

The Egyptian Authorities Refuse ‌Entry to Foreigners in ​Gaza ⁣Without Prior Aid⁢ Allowance Efforts by the ‍United States to ​evacuate foreigners⁤ and Palestinians with dual nationality, including Americans, from the Gaza Strip on Saturday have ⁢been impeded by Egypt’s ⁤demand for humanitarian aid to be allowed into the enclave first. Rafah Crossing Becomes the Center​ […]

A shooting in a business in Florida (USA) leaves at least four dead, including the attacker

Miami Updated: 08/27/2023 at ‍00:23 CEST Special Forces Engage in Shootout with Armed Suspect in​ Jacksonville A shooting incident involving a persecuted man in Jacksonville, Florida, has ‍resulted in at least four fatalities on Saturday⁢ near a prominent business in the city, including the shooter, according to ⁢local media reports. Mayor Donna Deegan confirmed that […]

Lluís Cortés, candidate for the US team

08/21/2023 at 19:43 CEST Luis Cortés in Talks to Lead United States Women’s National Team The Catalan coach has acknowledged conversations on ‘El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio’ He left the Ukrainian team a few days ago​ due to ⁣extra-sports difficulties Luis Cortés has admitted talks to take over the⁤ position of the United States women’s […]

All the goals of the FC Barcelona

08/02/2023⁣ at 23:59 CEST FC Barcelona’s Final Pre-Season Friendly Match in​ the United ⁤States Against ⁣Milan The Exciting Encounter ‌Takes Place ‌at Allegiant Stadium⁢ in Las Vegas FC Barcelona is set to face AC Milan in⁣ their last friendly match ⁤of⁣ the pre-season tour in the United States. The Catalan team has already played ⁣against […]