Borrell says that the PSOE pacts with Junts and ERC cause him “quite a few concerns”

Brussels 11/14/2023 at 00:02 CET The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Expresses Concerns over Political Agreements The High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs, Joseph Borrell,⁣ stated on Monday that the agreements between the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and Junts and ERC parties for the investiture of […]

The PP seeks to divide the PSOE from its partners with the VAT of hairdressers

Newspaper‍ Article Madrid 11/07/2023 at 06:38 CET The PP Proposes​ Lowering ⁣VAT on Hairdressing Services The Popular Party (PP) ⁣plans to leverage its majority in the ⁤Senate to⁤ push for a reduction in VAT on hairdressing, barbering,‍ and aesthetic ⁤services. With ‌no government​ formed yet for this new term, the ⁣PP aims to challenge the […]

Canarian Coalition no longer makes amnesty a ‘red line’ to support Sánchez

Madrid 11/02/2023 at ⁣22:58 CET The Nationalists’ ⁢Veto on Amnesty for⁢ Catalan Independentists The⁣ amnesty negotiated by the PSOE with Junts and CKD ⁣for the independentists involved in the⁣ illegal referendum in Catalonia ​five years ‌ago is no longer ⁣a “red line”‌ for ⁢a possible support from CC for Pedro ⁣Sánchez’s investiture as president ‍of […]

Historical deputies of the PSOE and the PP, among them 16 former ministers, reject the co-official languages ​​in Congress: “Deny Spanish”

Madrid 15/09/2023 Act. a las 14:30 CEST A Group of Former Parliamentarians Rejects Swift Reform: “Unacceptable” Former Socialist‌ Pedro Bofill Criticizes Expulsion of Nicolás Redondo: “Freedom of Expression Never ‌Limited in PSOE” Over sixty former deputies from PSOE, PP, UCD, UPyD, and Citizens, including sixteen former ministers, have expressed their opposition to the reform that […]

“Feijóo and the PP care little about the price they pay to be in power”

Madrid 06/08/2023 Act. a las 14:20 CEST The PSOE Criticizes PP-Vox Pacts for Extreme Right⁢ Policies The PSOE spokesman in Congress, Patxi López, has expressed his disapproval of the agreements made by the PP ⁣with Vox ⁣to govern in certain municipalities and autonomous communities, such as the recent case in Aragon. He argues that ‌both […]