Rafael Cortez advances to the dispute for gold

All Eyes ​on⁣ Rafael Cortez as He Competes ⁤for Gold at Santiago⁤ 2023 ‌Pan American Games All of Pichilemu and the sports community in the O’Higgins region are⁢ eagerly awaiting the​ performance of Rafael Cortez​ this Monday. A Chance ​for Gold The local surfer has ‍already ⁢secured the bronze medal in the longboard discipline​ at […]

Estela López falls this morning, but has one more chance to reach a medal

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS – MEN’S FIXED BARS Medalists: Gold: Arthur MARIANO from⁣ Brazil (BRA) Silver: Bernardo MIRANDA from Brazil (BRA) Bronze: Rene COURNOYER from Canada (CAN) Location: Collective Sports Center, National Stadium – Santiago ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS – MEN’S PARALLEL ‌BARS Medalists: Gold: Curran PHILLIPS from‌ United States (USA) Silver: Colt WALKER from ⁣United States (USA) Bronze: […]

The longboard star advances and has a chance for a medal

Peruvian Surfer Benoit Clemente Shines at ⁤the 2023 Pan American Games After​ 16 hours of anticipation, the highly anticipated surfing event at the 2023 ‌Pan American Games finally ‍commenced⁢ in⁣ Punta de Lobos. Among the standout‌ athletes was Peruvian surfer Benoit Clemente, who showcased his experience and ⁣skill, positioning himself ⁢as a strong​ contender for […]

Local surfers draw the first day at the 2023 Pan American Games

Surfing Competition at the 2023 Pan American Games By Ricardo Obando Under a radiant sun and⁤ with impressive ⁣waves, the highly‌ anticipated surfing competition of the 2023 Pan American Games kicked⁤ off. In ‍the picturesque town of ‍Pichilemu, chosen⁤ as​ the venue for this ​thrilling event, months of meticulous preparation were put to ​the test‌ […]

Rain forecast forces surfing program to be modified at the Pan American Games

Excitement​ Builds as⁢ Surfing​ Competition Begins in Punta de Lobos At 8 am sharp, the highly anticipated surfing competition will kick off in​ Punta de Lobos. The official schedule‌ reveals that the preliminary round for ⁣men’s longboard will take place at this‍ time, setting the stage for an exhilarating day ⁢of ⁤action-packed waves. Men’s Short​ […]

Summary of the afternoon session, Sunday, October 22.

A Day of Sports at the Santiago 2023 Pan⁤ American Games Photos: Marco Lara. This Sunday, the Santiago⁤ 2023 Pan American ​Games provided a day filled with‍ sports. The National Stadium, which underwent various renovations⁢ and‌ constructions, was buzzing with excitement from the early hours. As the public entered the venue, they became part of […]

Santiago 2023 Pan American Games Calendar:

h2 { ​font-size: 24px; font-weight: bold; ⁢ margin-bottom: ​10px; } h3 { font-size: 18px; ‌ font-weight: bold; ⁢margin-bottom: ‌5px; } p { margin-bottom: 5px; } Watersports: Men’s and women’s ⁤open water – October 29 at Los Morros Lagoon in San Bernardo: Men’s⁣ and women’s diving – From October 20 to 25 at the Aquatic Center […]

Outstanding gymnast from the region misses the Pan American Games due to injury

Chile Takes Center​ Stage as Host of the 19th Pan American Games After a⁤ four-year wait, the torch has been passed to the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile, as it⁢ takes on the honor of hosting the 19th edition of ⁣the Pan American‌ Games. This highly⁣ anticipated‍ event is set⁤ to redefine the sporting landscape […]

Vibrant inauguration of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

Understanding Stuttering: A Speech Therapist’s Perspective Clara Gutiérrez, a renowned ‍speech therapist specializing in stuttering and the director of‍ the ‘Clara‍ Logopedia’ Clinic in Madrid, sheds light on what stuttering is and how it can be effectively treated. Her goal is to help individuals embrace their differences and find happiness in their communication. While it […]