Suchard’s new Christmas advert excites half of Spain

This time of year is filled with excitement⁣ and family reunions Companies release their holiday advertisements Christmas ads have⁣ a way of stirring up our emotions. This time of year is very ‍special for thousands of people, as it signifies excitement and family reunions. With the arrival of ‌November, companies have started releasing their​ holiday […]

These are the cases in which you can lose unemployment money if the SEPE seizes your account

The State Public ⁤Employment Service⁢ (SEPE)⁣ and ⁢Contributory ⁤Employment Benefits Financial Aid and Outstanding Debt The State Public ⁢Employment Service (SEPE) is responsible for managing contributory⁣ employment benefits. Its ⁣main objective is to provide financial assistance to individuals who have lost⁢ their⁣ jobs temporarily or permanently and are actively seeking employment. However, it’s important ⁤to […]

They kiss several times…and this happens

26/10/2023 Act. a las ⁤23:08 CEST Henry’s‍ Quest for Love on ‘First Dates’ ‘First Dates’ often ​presents us ⁣with peculiar and unexpected ⁣moments. In the show, everyone⁢ has a chance to find‍ love, but the outcomes are not always as anticipated. A Blind Date⁢ Experience ‘First Dates’ brings together couples for a blind date experience. […]

The emotional and painful goodbye to the 18-year-old at his funeral

10:20 Renfe Worker’s Account‍ Contradicts Álvaro’s Claim Renfe continues to assert that it provided Álvaro with a charger for ⁤his ⁣phone. However, a Renfe worker has a different version​ of events: “His mobile phone was turned off, so I offered him my charger. His companion even directed him to a place where he‌ could charge […]

The cheapest Imserso destinations in Andalusia for 2023-2024

Imserso’s new ‌2023-2024 season‌ is ⁣close to ⁤beginning The final prices and destinations will be known from the second⁢ half of October The new 2023-2024 season of Immerse is about‌ to commence. The final prices and destinations will‌ be announced in the second half of October. This campaign is organized by⁢ Avoris, one⁤ of the […]

This is the amount of protein you need to stay healthy

Protein: A Fundamental Component of Our ​Diet Builds and Repairs ‍Tissues, Supports Immune System Function, and Regulates Hormones Protein supplements have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Sales of products like protein powder, protein bars, and other supplements reached a staggering $5,839 million in the past year. Additionally, information articles and ​search trends […]

How to save money by earning little

09/23/2023 ‍at 15:29 CEST With Inflation ⁤and ⁣Rising​ Prices, Spanish Families Struggle to Save Money It’s Becoming ⁤Increasingly Difficult to Save Money Each Month With the current inflation and rise in prices, the economic cost of living is on the rise for Spanish families. In these circumstances, it ‌has become nearly impossible for families to […]

This is how the mandatory insurance that you must have works

The Animal Welfare Law was approved by ⁣the Government of Spain in 2023 Among the points of the regulations, dog owners ‍have the obligation to take ‍out Civil Liability insurance The law of Animal welfare was approved by⁤ the Government of ⁢Spain in 2023. This new measure aims to protect the rights of pets‌ and […]