Miami is not going to visit Saudi Arabia

Inter Miami Denies ⁤Participation in Riyadh Season Cup European media outlets were recently abuzz with the news of Inter Miami’s⁤ participation in the Riyadh Season Cup in Saudi Arabia next year. However, the club has categorically denied these reports. According to ESPN, Miami’s communications‌ department released a statement‍ clarifying that ⁣there ‌are no plans for […]

BCB is not taking Shakib-Hathurusingh’s ‘excuses’ into account

BCB Upset with Shakib Al Hasan’s Change of Tone One thing about ​going to the World ​Cup. Another‌ thing in the middle of​ the World Cup. Bangladesh Cricket Board ‍(BCB) ⁢is deeply disappointed with ⁤the sudden change in captain Shakib Al Hasan’s attitude. Confident Words Before the World Cup Before ⁤heading to India for the […]

Hathurusinghe can not catch the problem!

Chandika ⁣Hathurusinghe’s Struggle to ‌Find⁤ Solutions for Bangladesh Cricket ⁤Team In the last six months, Bangladesh’s ​most​ consistent batsman,⁤ Chandika Hathurusinghe, has been lost to the⁤ team during the World Cup. The coach is unable to identify the underlying problem and find a way to bring him back. The Elusive Cure for Bangladesh Cricket Team’s […]

Despite raising hopes, Pakistan did not get a big collection

Pakistan Falls Short in ​World Cup Match Against South Africa In a highly anticipated match, Pakistan faced off against South Africa in their ​sixth World Cup encounter. Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat first at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Despite initially showing promise for a big score, Pakistan⁤ was eventually all […]

Netherlands is not thinking about India or Bangladesh

Intriguing Clash Between Bangladesh and Netherlands at Eden Gardens In the highly anticipated sixth match of the World Cup, Bangladesh ‍and Netherlands will face off at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata on ⁢Saturday afternoon. Kolkata, with its shared language and similar playing conditions, is often considered a home away from home for Bangladesh. A […]

Shakib is not playing against India

Shakib Al Hasan​ Ruled Out of Match Against India Due to Injury In a ⁣major setback for Bangladesh, their star all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan will not be ⁢taking ​the field in⁢ the upcoming match against India. Shakib, who pulled⁢ his ⁢left thigh muscle during the match against New Zealand, had been ​a doubt ⁢for the […]

‘I can’t even dream’-Kohli on Hasan’s two no balls

Rohit Sharma’s Impact:⁤ No Ball Drama Unfolds As Rohit Sharma ‍stepped onto the crease, an unexpected turn of events took place. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, continued to dominate with his exceptional ⁢batting skills. A remarkable four over mid-on on a free-hit left the audience in‍ awe. However, the bowler, Hasan Mahmud, retaliated by⁢ […]

Goodbye Mabia, can not be in the top ten

Mabia Akhtar‍ Shimandar Falls Short in⁢ Weightlifting Mabia Akhtar Shimandar’s performance‍ in weightlifting fell below expectations as she finished fourth out of five contestants in the women’s 64 kg weight ‌category ‘B’⁣ group. She managed to lift a ⁤total of 175 kg, with a⁢ maximum of ‍77 kg in snatch​ and 98 kg in​ clean […]

The Chinese can’t lift their heads from their mobile phones

Chinese Obsession with Mobile Phones It has been 11 days since my ⁢arrival in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. During this time, I have explored various venues of the Games ⁢and visited​ numerous sightseeing spots in the city. Hangzhou is known for its diverse alleys and ‍bustling streets. However, what caught my attention the most was […]